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HELIO World 0.9 by Herve Foucher

HELIO World project is a PHP class that generates world maps.… 

Games::3D 0.09 by Tels

Games::3D is a package containing an object system for (not only) 3D games.


use Games::3D::World;

my $world = Games::3D::World->new();

$world->save_to_file( $filename );

my $loaded = Games::3D::world->load_from_file( $filename );


World Domination 1.1 by David Stone

World Domination is a Real Time Strategy game inspired by the board game Axis and Allies utilizing the Stratagus engine.

World Domination will emphasize strategy and not "see who can build the most units the fastest." Resources are not gathered like in other RTS's, rather they are distributed aft… 

Hell World 0.1.5 by ironhell3

Hell World is a thrilling FPS adventure game which features excellent graphics, a dark atmosphere and an excellent scenario. Hell World game is designed to be a port of the Windows-only version of Hell World.

It is written using the openGL and SDL library and is developing for the last months by… 

The Mana World by Bj?rn Lindeijer

The Mana World (TMW) is a serious effort to create an innovative free and open source MMORPG. TMW uses 2D graphics and aims to create a large and diverse interactive world. The Mana World project is licensed under the GPL, making sure this game can't ever run away from you.

The project inclu… 

libexecstream 0.3 by Artem Khodush

Libexecstream is a C++ library that allows you to run a child process and have its input, output and error avaliable as standard C++ streams.

Here are some key features of "libexecstream":
Works on Linux and Windows
Uses threads
Does not depend on any other non-standard library

Image::WorldMap 0.14 by Leon Brocard

Image::WorldMap is a Perl module to create graphical world maps of data.


use Image::WorldMap;
my $map = Image::WorldMap->new("earth-small.png", "maian/8");
$map->add(4.91, 52.35, "");
$map->add(-2.355399, 51.3828, "");
$map->add(-0.093999, 51.3627, "Cr… 

Robotworld 0.1 by Grymse

Robot World aims to be a distributed physical environment inhabited by programmable robots, spanning across countless computers on the internet in true peer-to-peer fashion.

Robot World components:

Parser / compiler compiles robot programs into byte code, stored in a .xml file
Inject - send… 

Apache FOP 0.92 Beta by Apache FOP Team

FOP (Formatting Objects Processor) is the world's first print formatter driven by XSL formatting objects (XSL-FO) and the world's first output independent formatter.

Apache FOP project is a Java application that reads a formatting object (FO) tree and renders the resulting pages to a specified ou… 

Apache Hello World Benchmarks 1.04 by Joshua Chamas

Apache Hello World Benchmarks is a benchmarking tool that seeks to give a sense of Web application execution speed on various software platforms running under the Apache Web server.

Benchmarks can vary greatly from system to system, so this tool allows one to get numbers on one's own platform. Ap… 

Iceutils 0.6 by Charles McColm

IceUtils is a suite of command line tools designed to make creating a game world and playing through that world an easier task.

Although some of the tools are specific to Iron Crown's Rolemaster role playing system, other tools can be used for just about any game environment in existence.


Acme::Scripticide 0.0.4 by Daniel Muey

Acme::Scripticide is a Perl extension to allow your script to kill itself.


auto call good_bye_cruel_world()

use Acme::Scripticide;

auto call good_bye_cruel_world('Good bye cruel world')

use Acme::Scripticide qw(Good bye cruel world);

auto put "Good bye cruel world"… 

Dreams Eternal 0.1 by Jorrit Tyberghein

Dreams Eternal project is a story-driven FPS game that is set in the dream world.

Dreams Eternal is an FPS game that focuses on a strong story line and puzzle solving. It is set in the dream world.

The very short summary of the story is that a scientific experiment went wrong and everybody is… 

WoW Companion 0.2.8 by David Castro

WoW Companion is a Java client and server used to centrally store item, character and other data for World of Warcraft.

Data is made available via the Web in XML and other formats. Frontends for displaying character profiles are also included.

Requirements to run:

Java 2 JR… 

Yoda Soccer 0.73 by Massimo Modica

Yoda Soccer is a soccer game in the style of Sensible World of Soccer.

Yoda Soccer is a project which intends to create a new free game for Windows/Linux/MacOS with the gameplay and the style of the well known Sensible World of Soccer (a.k.a. SWOS).

We'll try to add many features missed in Swo… 

The World's Best Band Name Generator 1.03 by

The World's Best Band Name Generator produces randomly generated band names.

The World's Best Band Name Generator can generate band names like "Ungratefully Swallowed" and "The Bridgeheads" and "Throwaway Deceptiveness".

The visitor can refresh the names dynamically without refreshing the page… 

UnNaTuRaL 0.2.6 by Richard Harris

UnNaTuRaL is a platform-independent role-playing engine. It was named for the "UnNaTuRaL laws" of infinite individual user-created worlds.

These detailed worlds are built entirely from resource files (simple, easy-to-read text-files) which control the language of the user interface, the terrain o… 

wfb2sql 0.6 by Jan Schreiber

wfb2sql is a tool wirtten in Perl that converts the CIA World Factbook into an SQL database.

It is a Perl script that extracts information from the CIA World Factbook and creates SQL statements for IBM DB/2, PostgreSQL, or MySQL.

This data builds a perfect database for learning and teaching S… 

PCSX2 0.9 by PCSX2 Team

World's first Playstation 2 emulator. This is the first PS2 emulator that slowly shows us that commercial games might soon be fully playable! As you might recognize from the name, it was developed by the team behind the PS One emulator PCSX.

It was developed by reverse engineering PS2 demos, whic… 

Space Tripper 1.6 by PomPom

Space Tripper brings you one of the most hardcore arcade shoot-em-up experiences ever for Linux, Mac & PC.

14 manic levels, set over 4 stunning worlds, Space Tripper takes the shooter concept further than ever before.

Dozens of evil enemies & huge bosses spew laser death till the bitter end. Prep… 



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