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Class::DBI::Query 3.0.15 by Michael G Schwern

Class::DBI::Query is a Perl module with deprecated SQL manager for Class::DBI.


my $sth = Class::DBI::Query
owner => $class,
sqlname => $type,
essential => @columns,

PHP ImageMagick Class 1.0 by Daniel Eiland

PHP ImageMagick Class is a class for processing images with ImageMagick. This PHP Class makes it possible to process images in a very easy way.

To scale an image to 640x480 when it's bigger youy can do this:

$im = new Imagemagick($targetdir);

DBIx::Class::CDBICompat 0.07002 by Matt S. Trout

DBIx::Class::CDBICompat is a Class::DBI Compatibility layer.


use base qw/DBIx::Class/;
__PACKAGE__->load_components(qw/CDBICompat Core DB/);

DBIx::Class features a fully featured compatibility layer with Class::DBI to ease transition for existing CDBI users. In fact, this clas… 

Class::Adapter::Builder 1.02 by Adam Kennedy

Class::Adapter::Builder is a Perl module that can generate Class::Adapter classes.


package My::Adapter;

use strict;
use Class::Adapter::Builder
ISA => 'Specific::API',
METHODS => [ qw{foo bar baz} ],
method => 'different_method';



Class::Cloneable 0.03 by Stevan Little

Class::Cloneable is a base class for Cloneable objects.


package MyObject;
our @ISA = ('Class::Cloneable');

# calling clone on an instance of MyObject
# will give you full deep-cloning functionality

This module provides a flexible base class for building objects with c… 

Curses::UI::Widget 0.95 by Maurice Makaay

Curses::UI::Widget is a base class for all widgets.


Curses::UI::Widget - base class


This class is not used directly by somebody who is building an application using Curses::UI. It's a base class that is expanded by the Curses::UI widgets. See WIDGET STRUCTURE be… 

Class::Phrasebook 0.88 by Rani Pinchuk

Class::Phrasebook is a Perl module that implements the Phrasebook pattern.


use Class::Phrasebook;
my $pb = new Class::Phrasebook($log, "test.xml");
$pb->load("NL"); # using Dutch as the language
$phrase = $pb->get("ADDRESS",
{ street => "Chaim Levanon… 

Class::Std::Utils 0.0.2 by Damian Conway

Class::Std::Utils is a Perl module for utility subroutines for building "inside-out" objects.


use Class::Std::Utils;

# Constructor for anonymous scalars...
my $new_object = bless anon_scalar(), $class;

# Convert an object reference into a unique ID number...

Class::DBI::Template::Stash 0.03 by Jason Kohles

Class::DBI::Template::Stash is a Perl module with Template::Stash subclass for Class::DBI::Template.


package Music::DBI;
use base 'Class::DBI';
use Class::DBI::Template;

There is nothing you need to do for this module, it is setup for you when you use Class::DBI::Template.… 

Class::Meta::Type 0.53 by David Wheeler

Class::Meta::Type is a Perl module for data type validation and accessor building.


package MyApp::TypeDef;

use strict;
use Class::Meta::Type;
use IO::Socket;

my $type = Class::Meta::Type->add( key => 'io_socket',
desc => 'IO::So… 

Class::DBI::ConceptSearch 0.04 by Allen Day

Class::DBI::ConceptSearch is a Perl module to retrieve Class::DBI aggregates from high-level conceptual searches.


my $cs = Class::DBI::ConceptSearch->new(xml => $config); #see CONFIGURATION

DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::RelBuilder 0.03007 by Brandon Black

DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::RelBuilder is a Perl module that builds relationships for DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader.

This class builds relationships for DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader. This is module is not (yet) for external use.



Arguments: schema_class (scalar), fk_info (hashre… 

MyPageKit::Common 1.18 by T.J. Mather and Boris Zentner

MyPageKit::Common is a Perl model class containing code common across site.

This class contains methods that are common across the site, such as authentication and session key generation. This particular class is an example class that is used for the old website. It is derived from Ap… 

Class::Interfaces 0.04 by Stevan Little

Class::Interfaces is a Per module for defining interface classes inline.


# define some simple interfaces
use Class::Interfaces (
Serializable => [ 'pack', 'unpack' ],
Printable => [ 'toString' ],
Iterable => [ 'iterator' ],
Iterator => [ 'ha… 

Class::Date 1.1.9 by Szabo Balazs

Class::Date is a perl module, which provides a simple date type for perl.

You can create new Class::Date objects with a constructor from different scalar formats, array refs, and hash refs, and then you can easily manipulate it by the builtin "+" and "-" operators (e.g., $date=date([2001,03,15])+… 

Class::CGI 0.20 by Curtis Poe

Class::CGI is a Perl module to fetch objects from your CGI object.


use Class::CGI
handlers => {
customer_id => 'My::Customer::Handler'

my $cgi = Class::CGI->new;
my $customer = $cgi->param('customer_id');
my $name = $cust… 

Class::DBI::DataMigration::Mapping 0.02 by Dan Friedman

Class::DBI::DataMigration::Mapping is an abstract parent class for objects that map a single column in a single row from the source database to the target database.


use Class::DBI::DataMigration::Mapping;

# ... Later, when building $mappings hashref for use by a
# Class::DBI::D… 

Libsocketcpp 1.0.7 by Garrett Grice

Libsocketcpp provides a easy-to-use C++ socket library class.

Dispite the name, the TCPSocket class can handle both UDP and TCP connections.

Unfortunatly right now, the class is simple. It does not do anything really fancy like non-blocking sockets, select which interfaces you want to use, et… 

Class::Trait 0.21 by Stevan Little

Class::Trait is a Perl implementation of Traits in Perl.


# to turn on debugging (do this before
# any other traits are loaded)
use Class::Trait 'debug';

# nothing happens, but the module is loaded
use Class::Trait;

# loads these two traits and… 

htmlSQL 0.5 by Jonas John

htmlSQL is a PHP class to query the web by an SQL like language. htmlSQL is a experimental PHP class which allows you to access HTML values by an SQL like syntax.

This means that you don't have to write complex functions (regular expressions) to extract specific values.

How to use

Just incl… 



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