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Apache FOP 0.92 Beta by Apache FOP Team

FOP (Formatting Objects Processor) is the world's first print formatter driven by XSL formatting objects (XSL-FO) and the world's first output independent formatter.

Apache FOP project is a Java application that reads a formatting object (FO) tree and renders the resulting pages to a specified ou… 

xmlroff 0.3.99 by Tony Graham

xmlroff is a fast, free, high-quality, multi-platform XSL formatter.

xmlroff is an open source XSL formatter that uses only open source libraries. xmlroff is written in C and it produces PDF and PostScript using libgnomeprint.

xmlroff creates formatted output -- pages containing text in a var… 

DateTime::Format::Epoch::DotNet 0.10 by Eugene van der Pijli

DateTime::Format::Epoch::DotNet is a Perl module that can convert DateTimes to/from .NET epoch seconds.


use DateTime::Format::Epoch::DotNet;

my $dt = DateTime::Format::Epoch::DotNet->parse_datetime( 1051488000 );


DateTime::Format::Epoch::MacOS 0.10 by Eugene van der Pijli

DateTime::Format::Epoch::MacOS is a Perl module that can convert DateTimes to/from Mac OS epoch seconds.


use DateTime::Format::Epoch::MacOS;

my $dt = DateTime::Format::Epoch::MacOS->parse_datetime( 1051488000 );
# 105… 

DateTime::Format::Epoch 0.10 by Eugene van der Pijli

DateTime::Format::Epoch is a Perl module that can convert DateTimes to/from epoch seconds.


use DateTime::Format::Epoch;

my $dt = DateTime->new( year => 1970, month => 1, day => 1 );
my $formatter = DateTime::Format::Epoch->new(
epoch => $dt,

Pod::Simple::Subclassing 3.04 by Sean M. Burke

Pod::Simple::Subclassing is a Perl module that can write a formatter as a Pod::Simple subclass.


package Pod::SomeFormatter;
use Pod::Simple;
@ISA = qw(Pod::Simple);
$VERSION = '1.01';
use strict;

sub _handle_element_start {
my($parser, $element_name, $attr_hash… 

DateTime::Format::Epoch::Unix 0.10 by Eugene van der Pijli

DateTime::Format::Epoch::Unix is a Perl module that can convert DateTimes to/from Unix epoch seconds.


use DateTime::Format::Epoch::Unix;

my $dt = DateTime::Format::Epoch::Unix->parse_datetime( 1051488000 );
# 2003-04-28T00:00:00


xmlformat 1.04 by Paul DuBois

xmlformat is a configurable formatter (or "pretty-printer") for XML documents. xmlformat gives the user control over indentation, line-breaking, and text wrapping. These properties can be defined on a per-element basis.

What's New in This Release:
Each token is now assigned an input line number… 

DateTime::Format::Epoch::TJD 0.10 by Eugene van der Pijli

DateTime::Format::Epoch::TJD is a Perl module that can convert DateTimes to/from Truncated Julian Days.


use DateTime::Format::Epoch::TJD;

my $dt = DateTime::Format::Epoch::TJD->parse_datetime( 13244.5 );
# 2004-08-27T00:00:00


DateTime::Format::Epoch::Lilian 0.10 by Eugene van der Pijll

DateTime::Format::Epoch::Lilian is a Perl module to convert DateTimes to/from Lilian Days.


use DateTime::Format::Epoch::Lilian;

my $dt = DateTime::Format::Epoch::Lilian->parse_datetime( 53244.5 );
# 2004-08-27T00:00:00


DateTime::Format::Epoch::RJD 0.10 by Eugene van der Pijll

DateTime::Format::Epoch::RJD is a Perl module that can convert DateTimes to/from Reduced Julian Days.


use DateTime::Format::Epoch::RJD;

my $dt = DateTime::Format::Epoch::RJD->parse_datetime( 53244.5 );
# 2004-08-27T00:00:00

DateTime::Format::Epoch::MJD 0.10 by Eugene van der Pijll

DateTime::Format::Epoch::MJD is a Perl module that can convert DateTimes to/from Modified Julian Days.


use DateTime::Format::Epoch::MJD;

my $dt = DateTime::Format::Epoch::MJD->parse_datetime( 53244 );
# 2004-08-27T00:00:00


DateTime::Format::Epoch::TAI64 0.10 by Eugene van der Pijll

DateTime::Format::Epoch::TAI64 is a Perl module that can convert DateTimes to/from TAI64 values.


use DateTime::Format::Epoch::TAI64;

my $dt = DateTime::Format::Epoch::TAI64
->parse_datetime( '4611686019483526367' );
# 2003-06-20T19:49:59


DateTime::Format::Epoch::RataDie 0.10 by Eugene van der Pijll

DateTime::Format::Epoch::RataDie is a Perl module that can convert DateTimes to/from Rata Die.


use DateTime::Format::Epoch::RataDie;

my $dt = DateTime::Format::Epoch::RataDie->parse_datetime( $count );

# $count


XML::FOAFKnows::FromvCard 0.6 by Kjetil Kjernsmo

XML::FOAFKnows::FromvCard is a Perl module to create simple foaf:knows records from vCards.


use XML::FOAFKnows::FromvCard;
# read a vCard file into $data
my $formatter = XML::FOAFKnows::FromvCard->format($data);
print $formatter->fragment;

The foafvcard script in the dis… 

UniversalIndentGUI 0.3 Beta by Thomas S.

UniversalIndentGUI is a cross platform compatible GUI for several code formatter, beautifier and indenter like GreatCode, AStyle (Artistic Styler), GNU Indent, BCPP and so on.

Main feature is a live preview to directly see how the selected formatting option affects the source code.

Here are so… 

DateTime::Format::Epoch::JD 0.10 by Eugene van der Pijll

DateTime::Format::Epoch::JD is Perl module Convert DateTimes to/from Julian Days.


use DateTime::Format::Epoch::JD;

my $dt = DateTime::Format::Epoch::JD->parse_datetime( 2453244.5 );
# 2004-08-27T00:00:00
# 2453244.5
… 2006-0428 by Guido Draheim is a static Web site / project HTML documentation formatter that only requires the Bourne shell and sed. gives a common look and full navigation to an HTML Web site along with all the needed metadata detection, site map generation, and variable expansion.

It has a tabbed la… 

Template::Plugin::KwikiFormat 1.04 by Thomas Klausner

Template::Plugin::KwikiFormat is a filter to convert kwiki formatted text to html.


[% USE KwikiFormat %]

[% FILTER kwiki %]

== title

*bold* /italic/

[% END %]

A wrapper around Kwiki::Formatter.

Template::Plugin::KwikiFormat allows you to use KwikiFo… 

Prima::PodView 1.20 by Dmitry Karasik

Prima::PodView is Perl module for POD browser widget.


use Prima qw(Application);
use Prima::PodView;

my $window = Prima::MainWindow-> create;
my $podview = $window-> insert( 'Prima::PodView',
pack => { fill => 'both', expand => 1 }… 



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