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Xyria:DNSd 0.7.5 by Steffen Wendzel

Xyria:DNSd is an high performance DNS server that supports only the most important features and resource records while being extremely fast and secure.

Xyria:DNSd peoject also supports round-robin load balancing.

Here are some key features of "Xyria:DNSd":
extemely fast implementation (main targe… 

Xyria:CDPNNTPd 0.1.9 by Steffen Wendzel

Xyria:CDPNNTPd is a minimalistic, easy to configure NNTP server for Unix.

The Xyria-project has been founded by Steffen Wendzel in 2004. The main goal of the project is to develop Unix services based on the following characteristics:

Provide a maximum of security while writing a minimum of code;… 



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