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Yahoo Messenger 1.0.4 by Yahoo! Inc.

Yahoo! Messenger for Unix sends instant messages to your Windows and Unix friends!

What's New in This Release:
Improved Emoticons Improved Message Archive Improved sound on RedHat kernels Yahoo! Address Book integration File transfer with Windows clients… 

Yahoo::Search::XML 1.7.10 by Jeffrey Friedl

Yahoo::Search::XML is a Perl module with simple routines for parsing XML from Yahoo! Search.

The XML sent back from Yahoo! is fairly simple, and is guaranteed to be well formed, so we really don't need much more than to make the data easily available. I'd like to use XML::Simple, but it uses XML:… 

Finance::Currency::Convert::Yahoo 0.2 by Lee Goddard

Finance::Currency::Convert::Yahoo is Perl mdoule that convert currencies using Yahoo.


use Finance::Currency::Convert::Yahoo;
$Finance::Currency::Convert::Yahoo::CHAT = 1;
$_ = Finance::Currency::Convert::Yahoo::convert(1,'USD','GBP');
print defined($… 

Yahoo::Search::Result 1.5.8 by Jeffrey Friedl

Yahoo::Search::Result is a class representing a single result (single web page, image, video file, etc) from a Yahoo! search-engine query. (This package is included in, and automatically loaded by, the Yahoo::Search package.)

Package Use ^

You never need to use this package directly -- it is l… 

Yahoo::Search 1.7.10 by Jeffrey Friedl

Yahoo::Search is a Perl interface to the Yahoo! Search public API.

The following search spaces are supported:

Common web search for documents (html, pdf, doc, ...), including Y!Q contextual search.

Image search (jpeg, png, gif, ...)

Video file search (avi, mpeg, realme… 

YPOPs! by Anuj Seth & K.Shyam

YPOPs! is an application that provides POP3 access to Yahoo! Mail. It is available on the Windows, Linux, Solaris and Mac platforms.

Yahoo! Mail disabled free access to its POP3 service on 24th April, 2002. YPOPS! is a POP3 emulator and you can download mail from yahoo account with the help of… 

FetchYahoo 2.10.4 by Ravi Ramkissoon

FetchYahoo is a Perl script that downloads mail from a Yahoo! account to a local mail spool. It is meant to replace fetchmail for people using Yahoo! mail since Yahoo!'s POP service is no longer free.

FetchYahoo downloads messages to a local mail spool, including all parts and attachments. It the… 

erlGeoIP 0.2 by Olivier Girondel

erlGeoIP is a C-port driver for accessing GeoIP data from Erlang.

Tested with:

Erlang/OTP R10B-9
GeoIP 1.3.14

Example usage:

$ erl
Erlang (BEAM) emulator version 5.4.12 [source] [hipe]

Eshell V5.4.12 (abort with ^G)
1> geoip:test().

Yahoo Group Archiver 1.13 by Mithun Bhattacharya

Yahoo Group Archiver project is a collection of scripts to interact with Yahoo Groups and download various sections of each group to your local workspace.

Currently the following scripts are being actively supported:


yahoo2mbox 0.23 by Vadim Zeitlin

yahoo2mbox is a small Perl script which retrieves all messages from a mailing list archive at Yahoo! Groups (there is a missing copyright sign somewhere here probably). yahoo2mbox stores them into a local file in MBOX which is recognized by all Unix mail readers and good many of other ones.

If yo… 

Kyim 112804 by Jay Lubomirski

Kyim is an Instant Messenger for Yahoo Networks. It support basic connection to the Yahoo ! Networks system, and connection through HTTP proxies, allowing you to:

Here are some key features of "Kyim":
manage your buddy list (add/remove buddies)
chat with your buddies by instant messages

Yahoo Mail Sucker pr75 by GhostDot

As you probably know, Yahoo Mail does not provide free POP access to its users any more. You can still use your YM account for free, but you have to use a Yahoo Mail web site to access your account.

This is not very convenient as you always have to be online, you cannot use your favourite e-mail… 

MyFoxyWeb2 0.3 by Sebastiano Vigna

MyFoxyWeb2 project is a Firefox extension that downloads your bookmarks from Yahoo! My Web 2.0 and stores them locally.

Social bookmarking is great, but sometimes you're offline. And sometimes you'd like to use social bookmarking sites as a repository for some local links (in particular, Yahoo! M… 

libyahoo2 0.7.5 by Philip S. Tellis

libyahoo2 is a C library interface to the new Yahoo! Messenger protocol. It supports almost all current features of the protocol.

libyahoo2 can use glib version 1.2 or version 2 if you have them and want them.

Here are some key features of "libyahoo2":

Sending me… 

Donut DragDrop 0.1 by Peter Michaux

Donut DragDrop is a fast, lightweight JavaScript dragdrop library for JavaScript programmers. It is not completely plug and play but almost.

Donut DragDrop doesn’t try to be everything to anyone with fancy things like constrained motion as part of the base implemenation. You can add layers… 

CMap 0.2 by Bryan Rite

CMap project is a cross map API designed to make coding and switching between online maps such as Google and Yahoo easier and quicker.

Currently, CMap can generate Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, and Google Earth KML files. There are many more advanced plans for CMap, and I intend to support it for a lo… 

mechanoid.send_yahoo 0.1.7 by Richard Harris

send_yahoo is a sendmail substitute for clients like mutt.

It sends your email using your Yahoo! Web mail account. send_yahoo is a mechanoid script.

What's New in This Release:
This release adds a missing lib_rharris module.… 

XML::Parser::YahooRESTGeocode 0.1 by Andrew N. Hicox


use LWP::Simple
use XML::Parser;
use XML::Parser::YahooRESTGeocode;

#connect to yahoo geocode service
my $url = '';
my $get = 'appid=YahooDemo&street=701+First+Street&city=Sun… 

CheckAttachments 0.5.1 by Jack A. Shapiro

CheckAttachments is a Firefox extension that automatically checks E-Mail Attachments for Google G-mail, Yahoo! E-mail and MSN

Why this exists and what does it do?

I got tired of sending emails from my online E-mail accounts with attachments and having to resend the E-mails simply… 

Freehoo 3.4.1 by Freehoo Core Team

Freehoo project is a freely available GNU messenger for Yahoo! protocol.

It is console based application with a geeky "readline" and "guile" interfaces.

libreadline (GNU Readline)
libguile (Guile (GNU Ubiquitous Intelligent Language for Extension))
libglib1.2 (The GLib li… 



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