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Java for C++ 0.4 by Stefan Palme

Java for C++ is a tool to generate C++-wrapper-classes for existing Java-classes. This tool reads a list of Java class names and creates source code for C++-classes to wrap them.

The implementation of the wrapper classes uses JNI (Java Native Interface) to call the "real" Java classes.

The C++-AP… 

classes::Test 0.942 by Robert S. Muhlestein

classes::Test are functions to help with classes pragma testing.



is_classes MyClass;
is_classes main;

is_throwable X::Mine;
is_classes_exc X::Mine;

Generic t… 

Rudiments 0.30 by David Muse

Rudiments is a C++ class library providing base classes for things such as daemons, clients, and servers, and wrapper classes for the standard C functions for things like semaphores, regular expressions, and signal handling.

In the early days of SQL Relay and Groundwork, some of the classes being… 

Japha 2.1.0 by Ryan Gantt

Japha project is an effort to implement the major functionality of the Java library in PHP.

The functionality captured in the JPI includes I/O, utility classes such as data structures, Web service architecture, and reflection classes, lang classes for implementing a standardized API, bean classes… 

DLC 0.3.1 by Martin Reinecke

DLC short from Dynamically Loadable Classes is a compact utility that allows loading of shared libraries with C++ classes at runtime in an elegant and convenient way.

It has been tested on a Linux platform with gcc 2.95.2, but should work on other ELF platforms as well. A C++ compiler with RTTI s… 

JThread 1.2.0 by Mathy Vanvoorden

JThread project provides some classes to make use of threads easy on different platforms.

The classes are actually rather simple wrappers around existing thread implementations.

The package contains two classes: JThread and JMutex, which (obviously) represent a thread and a mutex. For unix-like pl… 

Autojar 1.3.1 by Bernd Eggink

Autojar helps creating jar files of minimal size from different inputs like own classes, external archives etc.

Autojar library starts from one or more given classes (e.g., an applet), recursively searches the bytecode for references to other classes, extracts these classes from the input archive… 

UDoc 1.003 by Christopher Deckers

UDoc is a tool to visualize some Java classes. UDoc dynamically produces some UML-like diagrams from various sources (Javadoc, Java sources, Java binaries).

The diagrams contain a lot of information, and you can easily navigate from classes to classes.

Java Web Start
Java 1.5… 

Syndication Classes 1.3 by James Logsdon

Syndication Classes provides a class for generating XML documents in general and a sub-class specialized in generating RSS feeds.

The RSS class can generate RSS feeds according to the RSS 2.0 specification.

What's New in This Release:
This release changes class names to be more individual.

aiParts 0.8.5 by Brian Marshall

aiParts is a set of C++ classes that implement artificial intelligence techniques and some tiny sample programs.

The classes implement the pandemonium and emotion AI Patterns, and the High-Hope technique.

A "find the shortest path from A to B" sample program uses subclasses of the High-Hope cl… 

Objective-C Foundation Classes 0.7.1 by Dick van Oudheusden

Objective-C Foundation Classes is an Objective-C library.

It contains general purpose classes for easier development of applications, in areas such as data types, network, C library wrappers, collections, and compound classes.

The classes in the library are grouped in five clusters:


phpwebtools 0.4.5 by Rufus T. Firefly

phpwebtools are meant to be a collection of useful tools and classes to help in the construction of "enterprise" web applications.

Many classic GUI "widgets", such as the GTK "notebook" are implemented here as extensible classes. Please note that it requires PHP 4.0 or higher, although it may wor… 

JPathReport 1.2.3 by JGoodies

JPathReport enables you to understand how much space the packages and classes consume in your Java class path.

JPathReport can also help you find class paths problems. JPathReport analyses your class paths and collects several statistics which you can view as overview charts and details tables.

Learning Management System 1.14 by WT

Learning Management System allows users to manage online learning classes.

It allows them to set up classes, create assignments online, and send messages to students from within the system for tracking.

Learning Management System is a simple system to move academic classes onto the Web in order to… 

The Kiwi Toolkit 2.1.3 by Mark Lindner

The Kiwi Toolkit project is a foundation class library containing many useful classes that complement the Java Foundation Classes (JFC).

It includes many classes and components that were not provided with the JFC, such as a TreeTable component, a DateChooser, an MVC charting package (bar charts,… 

RPC::XML 0.59 by Randy J. Ray

RPC::XML is a set of classes for core data, message and XML handling.


use RPC::XML;

$req = RPC::XML::request->new('fetch_prime_factors',
$resp = RPC::XML::Parser->new()->parse(STREAM);
if (ref($resp… 

Mantissa 7.0 by Luc Maisonobe

Mantissa is a collection of various mathematical tools aimed towards for simulation.

Mantissa contains a collection of algorithms, among which:

a small set of linear algebra classes
a least squares estimator
some curve fitting classes
several ordinary differentials equations integrators, e… 

JOELib/JOELib2 2006-07-25 by Joerg K. Wegner

JOELib/JOELib2 is a platform independent open source computational chemistry package written in Java.

Here are some key features of "JOELib JOELib2":
graph based structure to modify molecular structures
classes for getting the aromatic flags for atoms and bonds
classes for getting the hybri… 

wxWidgets 2.8.0 by Robert Roebling

wxWidgets is a cross-platform C++ GUI library, offering classes for all common GUI controls as well as a comprehensive set of helper classes for most common application tasks, ranging from networking to HTML display and image manipulation.

wxWidgets uses native widgets on all platforms whenever p… 

Class::Adapter::Builder 1.02 by Adam Kennedy

Class::Adapter::Builder is a Perl module that can generate Class::Adapter classes.


package My::Adapter;

use strict;
use Class::Adapter::Builder
ISA => 'Specific::API',
METHODS => [ qw{foo bar baz} ],
method => 'different_method';





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