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Programs Bar 0.6 by Daniel Douradocosta

Programs Bar is a programs launcher bar theme for SuperKaramba.

Was tested on Mandriva 2006 and Fedora Core 5.


Perl/Linux 0.9.5 by Don Mahurin

Perl/Linux is a Linux distribution where ALL programs are written in perl.

Many of the programs came from Perl Power Tools (PPT). Other programs came from Jay Kominek's Perl/Linux page.

Other programs, I wrote or enhanced, including: plHttpd (web server), edit (aced based), vi (enhanced aced),… 

WavTools 0.2.1 by Steve Morphet

WavTools is a set of WAV file processing programs for Unix.

The tools included are are:

wavcat - Concatenates WAV files, with options to convert stereo to mono.
wavpad - Adds padding to 16 bit 44 kHz WAV files, as required by some CD writing software.
wavinfo - Displays information from the… 

Kernel Mode Linux 2.6.19_001 by Toshiyuki Maeda

Kernel Mode Linux project is a technology which enables us to execute user programs in kernel mode. In Kernel Mode Linux, user programs can be executed as user processes that have the privilege level of kernel mode.

The benefit of executing user programs in kernel mode is that the user programs c… 

imap_tools 0.1 by Geir Isene

imap_tools consists of three programs: imap_search, imap_filter, and imap_rename.

All programs run from your PC against your IMAP server, so there is no need to install any server side software. imap_filter provides a way to write easy filter rules.… 

ECNCheck 0.9.6 by flamingcow

ECNCheck is a set of programs used for testing IPv4 and IPv6 hosts for ECN (Explicit Congestion Notification) support and RFC-violating refusal.

The programs also provide detailed traceroute information that can be useful in debugging ECN-related problems.… 

Daedalus 2.0.1 by David Powers

Daedalus provides a simple mechanism for running programs in response to the output of "check programs".

In practice Daedalus is generally used to provide an automated restart service for programs by checking the output of “ps axww” and running a start script when a particular progra… 

Sonc.rb 0.0.6 by Martin Schaaf

Sonc.rb is a ruby script to run programs after a connection of an inet device establishes and after the connection closes.

It runs as a daemon and starts programs when a connection over a given inet device enables. You can give your starting script or program the inet address as a parameter. Furt… 

IOE 20061102 by Irtza Sharif

IOE project is a C/C++ library with a counterpart set of command line programs. Almost all library functions are exposed to the command prompt for the purpose of being able to embed functionality into scripts. The programs provided range in functionality from image editing and xml parsing to simple… 

Driverse 0.57b by Flavio Chierichetti

Driverse, a GNU/Linux program, should provide a secure environment to test various kind of competition programs.

Driverse supports normal files or sockets for input/output. Please contact me if you have suggestions or if you find bugs or vulnerabilities.

Driverse creates a "secure" environment to… 

Elib 1.0 by Inge Wallin and Per Cederqvist

Elib is designed to be for Emacs lisp programs what libiberty.a is for C programs: a collection of useful routines which don't have to be reinvented each time a new program is written.

It contains code for:

container data structures (queues, stacks, AVL trees, etc)
string handling functio… 

Navyn OS 2005.01 by Navyn OS Team

Navyn OS is a GNU/Linux distribution based on Gentoo. It is a live CD which can be booted from a CD-ROM, but it can also be installed on hard disk.

Most applications included with Navyn OS have very low resource requirements.

What's New in This Release:
new kernel 2.6.9; SATA disks are now s… 

Sh 0.8.0 RC1 by Stefanus Du Toit

Sh is a programming language built on top of C++. It can be used to write shaders that run on top of modern graphics processing units (GPUs), or write stream programs that run on GPUs or CPUs.

Sh project is implemented as a C++ library, and allows programs to be generated at run-time using a numb… 

man-pages 2.43 by Andries Brouwer

Linux documentation can be found in man pages, info files, HOWTOs and FAQs, and elsewhere. (For example, also the kernel Documentation directory contains a lot of good stuff.) A nice index for the man pages in Fedora Core 2 is found at the superman site.

Man pages belonging to programs are usuall… 

checksuite 2.8 by Larry Long

checksuite was written specifically to assist system administrators with the day-to-day tasks of monitoring a system. It is in, no way, a replacement of an actual system administrator.

I originally created these programs to help me out, because of all the excruciating long hours at work. Plus, I… 

libshape 20060117 by Rokas

libshape is library for limiting the download rate of programs.

libshape library works entirely in user space with existing programs through LD_PRELOAD.

Are tested with threaded programs. This limiting is done entirely in user space. You only need to start Your program with


TrueBSD 0.1 by TrueBSD Project

TrueBSD is a LiveCD operating system based on FreeBSD with many useful applications.

All open programs will keep working even when you eject LiveCD (using command cdcontrol eject) in order to get some data from your own CDs. Just don't forget to insert the LiveCD again before starting any other p… 

Cibyl 7 by Simon Kagstrom

Cibyl is a programming environment that allows compiled C programs to execute on J2ME-capable phones. Cibyl uses GCC to compile the C programs to MIPS binaries, and these are then recompiled into Java bytecode.

The programs are not parsed during runtime, and Cibyl is therefore relatively well-per… 

XPA Messaging 2.1.6 by Eric Mandel

XPA Messaging provides seamless communication between Unix programs, including X, Tcl/Tk, and generic select() loops. XPA Messaging provides an easy way for users to communicate with these XPA-enabled programs by executing XPA client commands from a shell.

Because XPA works both at the programmin… 

Ascii2Binary 2.11 by Bill Poser

Ascii2Binary project consists of two complementary programs that convert between textual and binary representations of numbers. Ascii2Binary reads input consisting of textual representations of numbers separated by whitespace and produces as output the binary equivalents.

Ascii2Binary program is… 



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