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libDSP 5.0.2 by Jussi Laako

libDSP project is C++ class library of common digital signal processing functions. There is also a wrapper for the C language.

Current (vector) functions:
Float to integer conversion with rounding
Addition (real, complex)
Subtraction (real, complex)
Multiply (real, complex)
Division (r… 

Real Estate Management Software 1.27a by Real Estate Management

Real Estate Management Software is the perfect real estate management solution for real estate professionals.

Get all your listings on the web with free, easy to use web-based real estate management software.

Create your areas, school districts and property types and even upload images. Full featu… 

OCERA Real Time Ethernet 0.3.1 by Ismael Ripoll and Pierre Morel

The ORTE is an implementation of the RTPS communication protocol defined by Real Time Innovations.

RTPS is an application layer protocol targeted to the real-time communication area. It is built on top of a standard UDP stack.

This protocol is being submitted to the IETF as an informational RF… 

DAPHNE 0.99.7 by DAPHNE Team

DAPHNE is a Free laserdisc game emulator that allows one to play laserdisc arcade games on one's PC. Using DAPHNE, one can play the following laserdisc arcade games:

Astron Belt
Bega's Battle
Cliff Hanger
Cobra Command (running on Astron Belt hardware)
Dragon's Lair (US)

RTAI LiveCD 0.16 by The RTAI Project

The Real-Time Application Interface is a hard real-time extension to the Linux kernel, contributed in accordance with the Free Software guidelines.

It provides the features of an industrial-grade RTOS, seamlessly accessible from the powerful and sophisticated GNU/Linux environment.

The bootabl… 

Real-Time Proactive Secret Sharing Library 0.1 by Paulo Sousa

Real-Time Proactive Secret Sharing Library is an implementation of the Shamir's secret sharing scheme and Herzberg's proactive secret sharing algorithm.

Real-Time Proactive Secret Sharing Library targets the RTAI OS. It includes a port of GNU GMP to RTAI, which is used for multiple precision arit… 

GNUitar 0.3.2 by Max Rudensky

GNUitar is a real-time guitar processor.

This is a program for real-time sound effect processing. You can use it to add some distortion to your guitar, or some reverb to your voice.

Here are some key features of "GNUitar":
2 kinds of distortion (one is Ibanez TubeScreamer 9 simulation)

EtherPuppet 0.2 by Philippe Biondi

EtherPuppet will create a virtual interface (TUN/TAP) between two machines through a TCP connection.

Everything seen by the real interface will be seen by the virtual one.

Everything sent to the virtual interface will be emitted by the real one.

It has been designed because one often has… 

Authfail 1.1.4 by Bartek Krajnik

Authfail is a program that goes with real time updating on FIFO file and adds IP into netfilter with DROP/REJECT policy in real time. The FIFO file is /dev/authfail. The rejected hosts database is located in /var/log/authfail.

Each time a given host will do an "authentication failure" via syslog,… 

Magnant 2.00 by Magnant Team

Magnant is an epic real-time strategy game spanning in the Ant world. Players are managing the growth of anthills.

Starting with minimal resources, players are challenged to build new units, new buildings and collect resources. Players can then build various armies of Ants and slaughter their ene… 

Real Life Mortgage Calculator 1.05 by My House Home Repair

Real Life Mortgage Calculator is a script that provides visitors to your Web site of how much house they can afford than a simple mortgage calculator.

Calculating the costs of your first home is more than just getting a mortgage - there's a ton of other costs to consider including appliances, rep… 

Alsa-Nyser 0.9 by Raph Francois

Alsa-Nyser is an Real Time Audio Analyser that displays several informations about sound. These informations are:

Signals of the chanels
Phase of sound in 1D and 2D representation
Spectrum in full band
Spectrum in 1/3 octavia displaying frequency in Stereo or Mono reducted sound
Frequency of… 

Realrekord 0.9-jr3 by Thanassis Misaridis

Real Rekord is a KDE programme which helps you record and capture audio streams from Real Player using GNU/Linux.

It lets you record realaudio/realplayer streams by using vsound 0.5 (sits between program and /dev/dsp) and sox (converts audio file formats).

This version has an updated build for… 

Kalva 0.8.81 by Andreas Silberstorff

Kalva is a lightweight videorecorder application.

It provides a simple to use videorecorder using MEncoder to do the real work. You can schedule movies or serials.

ktvapp can import channellists from e.g. xawtv or xawtv4. You can edit and store that list. Up- and Downloading (KHotNewStuff inte… 

VidTorrentLive 20060516 by VidTorrent Team

VidTorrent is a protocol for global scale cooperative real-time streaming over the Internet. At a high level, VidTorrent is a peer-to-peer protocol that builds an adaptive overlay mesh suitable for real-time streaming.

The protocol works by aggressively probing for bandwidth and minimizing latenc… 

Halberd 0.2.1 by Juan M. Bello Rivas

Halberd discovers HTTP load balancers. Halberd is useful for web application security auditing and for load balancer configuration testing.

To cope with heavy traffic loads, web site administrators often install load balancer devices. These machines hide (possibly) many real web servers behind a… 

Joyce and Anne 2.1.10 by John Elliott

Joyce and Anne projects emulate the Amstrad PCW series of computers. Joyce emulates the 8000, 9000, and 10 series; Anne emulates the PcW16.

When moving from a PCW to an emulator, the biggest change you have to accustom yourself to is the way that JOYCE handles discs. Real PCWs (except the few wit… 

ClickSpotter 0.1.1 by Chris Schlaeger

ClickSpotter is a real-time web server logfile monitor with IP geolocation support. ClickSpotter project has three main features that differentiate it from the rest of the log file analyzers.

It processes your Apache access log file in real-time and produces consolidated live reports about your… 

PyChart 1.39 by Yasushi Saito

PyChart is a Python library for creating high quality Encapsulated Postscript, PDF, PNG, or SVG charts.

PyChart library currently supports line plots, bar plots, range-fill plots, and pie charts. Because it is based on Python, you can make full use of Python's scripting power. See some examples.


RTEMS 4.6.5 by Joel Sherrill

RTEMS (Real-Time Executive for Multiprocessor Systems) is a commercial grade real-time operating system designed for deeply embedded systems. It is a free (as in beer and speech) open-source solution that supports multi-processor systems.

RTEMS is designed to support applications with the most s… 



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