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AudioFile::Info 1.08 by Dave Cross

AudioFile::Info is a Perl extension to get info from audio files.


use AudioFile::Info;

my $song = AudioFile::Info->new($some_mp3_or_ogg_vorbis_file);

print 'Title: ', $song->title, "n",
'Artist: ', $song->artist, "n".
'Album: ', $song->album, "n",

qSong 0.9.1 by Daniel Hladek

qSong project is a song database and a lyrics manager program with multimedia features.

Here are some key features of "qSong":
Store and manage song lyrics
One ssong can have multiple versions
Song can have related songs
Copyright information - authors and ccli
Comprehensive authors dat… 

cl-wav-synth 2006-10-26 by Philippe Brochard

cl-wav-synth project is a wav sample editor. The wav sample editor is driven from the lisp REPL: you can watch immediately the result of each applied functions. cl-wav-synth comes with some effects as echo, delay, pitch...

The spectrum editor is here just for educational purpose. It show the effe… 

GJay by Chuck Groom

GJay (Gtk+ DJ) generates playlists across a collection of music (ogg, mp3, wav) such that each song sounds good following the previous song.

GJay project is ideal for home users who want a non-random way to wander large collections or for DJs planning a set list.

You can generate playlists fro… 

mpgfe 1.0.0 by Stefan Talpalaru

mpgfe is a ncurses front-end for mpg123. It has advanced playlist editing features (load/save/add playlists in m3u format, order/shuffle playlist, move/add/delete playlist entries), resizing support.

An interesting feature is the ability to display the lyrics of the song that is playing (provided… 

GuitarTeX 2.8.2 by Joachim Miltz

GuitarTeX is a tool for guitarists who want to print good looking and easy to play song sheets or song books from their chord or chordpro files. It uses the well known chord format with several extensions. The program was developed on a Linux system, but it should run on any other Unix system which… 

mpserv 0.10 by Brian Martin

Mpserv is an architecture for playing MP3s distributed throughout a LAN or high-speed WAN. The core is the server which houses a database of song titles available through the network. Clients connect to this server and request songs to be played on the stereo connected to the server machine.


Gajim Now Listen 0.0.1 by Silian Della Ragione

Gajim Now Listen changes the status of Gajim (jabber client) when amarok change song. The status remain the same, but the messages change to $artist - $album - $song.

Gajim Now Listen is very alpha, but seems to works.


JukQuiz 1.0 by Ben Meyer

JukQuiz is a quiz game designed to test the knowledge of your music collection. JukQuiz will play a random song (that is in Juk's collection) and present you with a number of song title to guess from. It gives you around ten seconds to try to guess the song, disabling incorrect options as the second… 

Chordpack 0.8.2 by Daniel Polansky

Chordpack is a tool written in Perl, whose purpose is to typeset song-books/songs written in chordpro format. The typesetting is done through typesetting system TeX using macro package LaTeX. Chordpack was created to do whatever you might want to do with songs in chordpro format. Chordpack currentl… 

amaroK Now-Webing 0.2 by Christian Petri

amaroK Now-Webing starts a webserver at an configurable port (Standard is 8080) which display the current song and artist.

Works great for parsing and displaying data on a webserver.

Python 2.x

What's New in This Release:
Put the dcop calles into the do_GET functi… 

Koparok 0.1 by Martin Sandsmark

Koparok script sets the away message in Kopete to a preset message, which may contain the current artist, song, album and/or length of the song which is playing (in amaroK).

It's heavily based upon the TTS-script by Paul Giannaros.

You already have the same ability in Kopete, but if for some reas… 

AnyData::Format::Mp3 0.10 by Jeff Zucker

AnyData::Format::Mp3 is a tied hash and DBI access to Mp3 files.


use AnyData;
my $playlist = adTie( 'Passwd', ['c:/My Music/'] );
while (my $song = each %$playlist){
print $song->{artist} if $song->{genre} eq 'Reggae'


use DBI
my $dbh = DBI->connect('dbi:AnyD… 

IMMS 3.0.2 by Michael Grigoriev

Intelligent Multimedia Management System is an intelligent playlist framework that tracks your listening patterns and dynamically adapts to your taste. It is incredibly unobtrusive and easy to use as it requires no direct user interaction. Plugins are currently available for XMMS and BMP.

Here are… 

amaroKopete 1.3.1 by Pablo Chinea

amaroKopete script changes Kopete global nickname with a customized name based on current song information, and optionally allows to use the cover as global photo.

The customized nickname is built with a variables set that contains the information about the current song. For example:


XMMS Now Playing plugin 0.1.4 by Andrew Dolgov

XMMS Now Playing plugin outputs information of the song currently being played in XMMS to specified text files. It supports ID3 tags (using libid3tag from MAD project) and has some other bells and whistles.

This is a now playing plugin for XMMS, replacement for

This is a really… 

Gtklyric 0.3 Alpha by Stefanini Emanuele

Gtklyric is a tool which can search and download song's lyrics.

Every time someone want to read a lyric, he has to search for a good lyric's site and then search for the song. The solution to this waste of time is Gtklyric which incorporates this functionality into a plugin that searches and… 

Sort MP3 0.1 by Joshua Curtis

Sort MP3 is a script was made to help in organizing MP3s. If you have one directory with allot of mp3s and the names are not very readable you can run this script against them. It will read the id tag of a mp3 and rename the file to the title of the song but with _ instead of spaces. It can also cre… 

TxtView 0.0.4 by Mike Massonnet

TxtView is a script that shows the text files from the same directory of the song. TxtView script is mostly used to check the information contained in an album directory.

When starting the script, you can right click on a song in your playlist and go to "TxtView -> Open".

What's New in This Rele… 

Yammi 1.2.2 by Oliver N?lle

Yammi ("Yet Another Music Manager I...") is a digital music collection (eg. mp3, ogg, flac, wav files) manager targeted at large song collections (eg. a few thousand songs).

It allows you to efficiently organize your music collection (edit tags, rename or move files, ...) and features intuitive a… 



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