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Algorithm::C3 0.05
Algorithm::C3 is a module for merging hierarchies using the C3 algorithm. SYNOPSIS use Algorithm::C3; # merging a clas
Perl Artistic License
Robsort Sorting Algorithm 1.0
Robsort in a GNU public license sorting algorithm devleloped by Robert Thompson
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Algorithm::Diff::Apply 0.2.3

Perl Artistic License
Fast Genetic Algorithm 1.0

GPL (GNU General Public License)
Pos 1.9
Pos is an experimental chess program based not on the Shannon algorithm, but on several others
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Algorithm::Loops 1.031
Algorithm::Loops is a Perl module with looping constructs: NestedLoops, MapCar*, Filter, and NextPermute*. SYNOPSYS use Alg
Perl Artistic License
libmemory 0.0 Alpha1
libmemory library provides an implementation of M.M
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Algorithm::Networksort 1.05
Algorithm::Networksort can create inline comparisons for sorting. SYNOPSIS use Algorithm::Networksort qw(:all); my $inpu
Perl Artistic License
UPPAAL TIGA 4.1.0-0.9
UPPAAL TIGA is an extension of UPPAAL [BDL04] and it implements the first efficient on-the-fly algorithm for solving games based on t
Other/Proprietary License
libsift 1.8
libsift is an algorithm to identify and locate interesting points within an image
GPL (GNU General Public License)