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Alba-Experiment is an implementation of Gentoo over Solaris or Portage for Solaris

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Alba-Experiment Team
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Alba-Experiment is an implementation of Gentoo over Solaris or Portage for Solaris.

Alba-Experiment is not a simple package management system, but has the ambition to transform a Solaris system to a full GNU-based development, build, and desktop environment.

Known Issues

Stage1.5 Release 2006.04.06

* problem with zlib: /usr/lib/ is a GNU ld script, it should be a link

- a working installation of Solaris, for a list of minimal packages requirements see docs/Solaris-base-packages.txt. Note that if you have a non-core installation of Solaris some files could be overwritten. Using the Solaris package method (pkgadd) to install the stage1.5 should help you in finding conflicting files. To ensure that portage would not overwrite files you don't want while emerging packages, use the FEATURE='collision-protect' parameter into /etc/make.conf.
- add the portage user and group to the system
# groupadd -g 250 portage
# useradd -u 250 -g portage -G portage -d /var/tmp/portage -m -s /bin/false portage


Install the stage1.5 file
# pkgadd -d < STAGEFILE >

obtain the official portage tree with one of the following options:
download a portage snapshot and untar it
rsync the portage tree
obtain the *unofficial* portage tree for Solaris
through subversion:
# cd /opt
# svn co

download a snapshot and untar it
create a link to the profile:
# ln -sf ../opt/portage-x86-sunos/profiles/default-sunos/x86/5.11/ /etc/make.profile

configure the make.conf file:
add or change PORTDIR_OVERLAY=/opt/portage-x86-sunos
edit it or copy the make.conf.example file
add the new architecture to default architecture list:
# echo x86-sunos >> /usr/portage/profiles/arch.list

update the environment:
# binutils-config i386-pc-solaris2.11-2.16.1
# gcc-config i386-pc-solaris2.11-4.1.0

Update/create the library cache # ldconfig 99. enjoy

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