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Class::DBI::Query 3.0.15
Class::DBI::Query is a Perl module with deprecated SQL manager for Class::DBI. SYNOPSIS my $sth = Class::DBI::Query
Perl Artistic License
PHP ImageMagick Class 1.0
PHP ImageMagick Class is a class for processing images with ImageMagick
GPL (GNU General Public License)
DBIx::Class::CDBICompat 0.07002
DBIx::Class::CDBICompat is a Class::DBI Compatibility layer. SYNOPSIS use base qw/DBIx::Class/; __PACKAGE__->load_componen
Perl Artistic License
Class::Adapter::Builder 1.02

Perl Artistic License
Class::Cloneable 0.03
Class::Cloneable is a base class for Cloneable objects. SYNOPSIS package MyObject; our @ISA = ('Class::Cloneable'); #
Perl Artistic License
Curses::UI::Widget 0.95
Curses::UI::Widget is a base class for all widgets. CLASS HIERARCHY Curses::UI::Widget - base class SYNOPSIS This class
Perl Artistic License
Class::Phrasebook 0.88
Class::Phrasebook is a Perl module that implements the Phrasebook pattern. SYNOPSIS use Class::Phrasebook; my $pb = new Cl
Perl Artistic License
Class::Std::Utils 0.0.2
Class::Std::Utils is a Perl module for utility subroutines for building "inside-out" objects. SYNOPSIS use Class::Std::Util
Perl Artistic License
Class::DBI::Template::Stash 0.03
Class::DBI::Template::Stash is a Perl module with Template::Stash subclass for Class::DBI::Template. SYNOPSIS package Music::
Perl Artistic License
Class::Meta::Type 0.53
Class::Meta::Type is a Perl module for data type validation and accessor building. SYNOPSIS package MyApp::TypeDef; use
Perl Artistic License