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GraphViz::Data::Structure 0.15
GraphViz::Data::Structure can visualise data structures. SYNOPSIS use GraphViz::Data::Structure; my $gvds = GraphViz:Dat
Perl Artistic License
Rubytree 0.2.2
Rubytree is a simple to use general purpose tree data structure implementation in Ruby. It provides easy access methods for navigati
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Search::QueryParser 0.91
Search::QueryParser parses a query string into a data structure suitable for external search engines. SYNOPSIS my $qp = new S
Perl Artistic License
HL7lib 0.2
Health level 7 is a protocol that is used to allow medical computers from different vendors to communicate with each other. HL7lib
LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
Sort MP3 0.1
Sort MP3 is a script was made to help in organizing MP3s
GPL (GNU General Public License)
AntiCMS Content Management System 0.2.1
AntiCMS is a minimalist content management system for small and simple websites
GPL (GNU General Public License)
e2fsimage 0.2.0
e2fsimage allows you to create ext2 filesystem images, mostly used on Linux systems, by copying an entire directory structure into an
BSD License
Linux Video Maker 0.2
Linux Video Maker is useful for DVD/(S)VCD structure generating, ready for record on CD/DVD
Open Software License
Mac::PropertyList 1.29
Mac::PropertyList is a Perl module to work with Mac plists at a low level. SYNOPSIS use Mac::PropertyList; m
Perl Artistic License
Net::Delicious::Simple 0.01
Net::Delicious::Simple is a Net::Delicious for backups. SYNOPSIS use Net::Delicious::Simple; my $del = Net::Delicious->new(u
Perl Artistic License