Anjuta IDE 2.0.2 review

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Anjuta is a versatile Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for C and C++ in GNU/Linux

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Naba Kumar
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Anjuta is a versatile Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for C and C++ in GNU/Linux. Anjuta IDE has been written for GTK/GNOME, and features a number of advanced programming facilities.

These include project management, application wizards, an onboard interactive debugger, and a powerful source editor with source browsing and syntax highlighting.

Here are some key features of "Anjuta IDE":
Fully customizable integrated editor.
Automatic syntax highlighting.
Automatic code formatting.
Code folding/hiding.
Line numbers/markers display.
Text zooming.
Code autocompletion
Calltips for Linux/GNOME function prototypes.
Automatic indentation and indentation guides
... and much more.
Each file opened can be operated in either paged mode or windowed mode.
Highly interactive source-level debugger (built over gdb).
Interactive execution.
Breakpoints/watches/signal/stack manipulation.
... and much more.
Built-in application wizards to create terminal/GTK/GNOME applications on-the-fly.
Dynamic Tags browsing.
Function definition, structure, classes, etc. can be reached with just two mouse clicks.
Full tags management for project.
Full project and build files management.
Bookmark management.
Basic windows are attachable and detachable.
Support for other languages
Java, Perl, Pascal, etc. (only file mode, no project management).
Interactive messaging system.
And, the interface is beautiful!

What's New in This Release:
New: GtkSourceView based editor
New: Project configuration
New: Valgrind plugin
New: Tab drag&drop in Editor
Updated: Manual and FAQ

Improved: global tags can now be updated after installation
Improved: Remember toolbars on restart
Improved: Tag manager now knows about classes/namespaces which should make C++ programming much more easy (IComplete)
Improved: Devhelp plugin improved but we still have linking problems
Improved: Scintilla is now up-to-date 1.68

Known issues:

Glade plugin crashes because of namespace conflict with libglade (#341073)
Devhelp plugin cannot be loaded without setting the correct LD_PATH (#341170)

Bug fixes:

#171314 Anjuta crash when trying to do "stream comment"
#311420 Crash on terminal deactivation
#317454 Anjuta crash when array lenght is incorrect
#332084 Anjuta crashes, when Ctrl+c is pressed.
#170467 crash when changing fonts and color in the preferences di...
#172442 inserting empty box comment
#172666 cvs diff does not always obtain full diff
#300231 Find pane non-functional
#304495 Project saved as fullscreen
#304641 Can't type the "-character
#305082 anjuta 2.0.0: crash in debugger / watch / inspect memory
#305301 In menu tree "Settings"->"Customize shortcuts" there are ...
#305587 gtkmm project compile crash
#306790 doble click in a message, doesn't find the file.
#306966 Search tool on the tool bar don't work correctly
#306970 The order of the command buttons "Close" - "Search" - "St...
#307800 Crashes when project directory removed from command line.
#307810 Can't configure a project after creating with new project...
#307872 Remember Configure and autogen options for the next time
#307879 Crashed when exiting
#308870 Glade Plugin Won't open Glade file.
#309153 code cleanup use glib/gi18n.h
#309348 Anjuta 2.0.1, Anjuta application crash upon build (F9)
#309526 Help->ReportBugs points to removed bug tracking system
#309688 When committing a file that is loaded, I get a file-modif...
#311710 freeze in __lll_mutex_lock_wait () after crash?
#312566 Patch that will fix another make -j 10 problem
#312666 Return "F3" to execute project
#314069 Window gets hidden when using glade3 plugin
#315188 Project Wizard Problems
#315218 anjuta 2.0 freeze on opening my project
#315521 Failed to compile HEAD-hourly-2005-09-05-18
#316731 Can not add new encodings
#320338 Colors of tab menu labels
#320341 Critical error in debugger "locals" window.
#321090 Wrong array/struct/union var type display in locals windows
#321455 Ask for root password when installing
#322634 anjuta_ui_add_action_group_entries : Anjuta Developers Re...
#322744 New anjuta plugin project configured incorrectly
#324572 anjuta crashes on open
#328209 Crash when opening a file while an unsaved new file is open
#332161 Test editor not opening
#333601 GPL headers are first to c-header template.
#333606 Macro contain hyphen
#334663 Allow to set a parent class to new GObject class
#335142 crash when opeing a second file
#336389 Should check for libwnck
#107510 Excessive messages marked for translation in anjuta
#304650 make -j CPUS doesn't always work for anjuta2
#334546 No more lookup widget
#312319 Opening files when Anjuta is already open
#339296 Wizard can't cope with insufficient permissions in project target directory

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