Apache2GDL 1.2 review

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License: Freely Distributable
File size: 5K
Developer: AbsInt.
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Apache2GDL is a Perl script that parses an Apache log file and generates a directed graph of visitors' movement in GDL format for visualization with aiSee.

It also allows you to pipe the graph directly through aiSee and get a mapped SVG or PNG image of the layout.

The generated images help you find out how people actually browse your site -- which paths they take to get from page A to page B, which paths are more popular than others, which pages get the most hits, and whether there are one-way paths and dead-end pages.


> gunzip apache2gdl.pl.gz
> chmod 755 apache2gdl.pl


> cat | apache2gdl.pl >


> cat /var/log/absint_com_2004_access.log |
apache2gdl.pl absint.com/aisee/download >

What's New in This Release:
This release works around a PNG image mapping bug in aiSee.
The list of search engine bots has been updated.
HTTP requests containing (illegal) unmasked arrow brackets no longer cause corrupted SVG files to be produced.

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