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APODIO project is a Mandriva-based specialist live CD designed for musicians and multimedia enthusiasts. The new version 4.2.2 is

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APODIO project is a Mandriva-based specialist live CD designed for musicians and multimedia enthusiasts.

The new version 4.2.2 is considered a test release; it contains a large collection of software for audio, video and graphics manipulation.

The APODIO live CD boots into French by default, but English and a number of other languages are also supported.

The default window manager is the light-weight PWM, with OroboROX provided as an alternative.

The APODIO project was started in 2003 by the APO33 association It has two objectives : First : to create a live CD for PC, a complete audio station under GNU/Linux that could quickly be installed on the hard disk, or work straight away as a CD, with a Ram of at least 320 Mo, and practical and simple administration tools.

The 3.0.9 April 2003 APODIO version of the live CD immediately recognizes and adjusts itself to your equipment, your sound and graphic display adapters and your eventual hard disk partitions. It offers various interfaces, such as Gnome, Rox, Fluxbox... and a choice of software to work on sound. It is based on the GNU/Linux Mandrake 10.0 distribution and on the mklicecd group scripts for the creation of the live CD or of the hard disk.

The second objective is to give some sort of permanence to part of our work, while adhering to the principles of GNU/GPL. Unlike most other distributions that tend to drift too far away from the Linux Debian/RedHat/Mandrake communities, we wished to remain close to Mandriva, to allow users to reclaim the tools for themselves.

From the start, APODIO was not meant to become a finished or final product, but rather, a toolbox, more adapted to the common user than to the developer ; more practical than technical. Since we follow closely the Mandriva platform, we can concentrate more on what we find interesting in the first place, while making sure that our work will keep up with changes in hardware and software.

The complete remade July 2005 APODIO-4 version utilizes less RAM than the V3 ; it is based on - and can be synchronised with – Mandriva 2006 (cooker). Some video processing software has been added and the PureData base has been considerably increased.

We now have a practical base in the evolution of the live CD APODIO on Mandriva and new projects are in progress : the 'Poulpe' (Octopus), a live CD that can be the basis for a sound and plastic installation, in various places linked by web-radio flows. Ref. the site : (http://www.apo33.org/poulpe) The Ubik, the live CD for a 'standby' or a 'disabled' situation, becomes a sound and video sculpture, connected to any other Ubik. It can be responsive to a network or to a keyboard/mouse set. Each user can either modify the CD base or the PureData patches found in a known directory in a disc, usb, fp... and thus personify his/her Ubik.

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