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appx BANG! project is an Business Application suite, like all open source software, is free

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 20222K
Developer: Steve Frizzell
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appx BANG! project is an Business Application suite, like all open source software, is free. But, the APPX Business Application suite is the first open source software product to take advantage of the APPX Rapid Application Development environment to provide readily customizable business solutions.

The APPX Business Applications is a fully integrated, business application suite. Each application provides a flexible framework, designed to be modified and expanded to meet the specific requirements of your business.

With the APPX Business Applications, you are truly in control of your software and your business. Your software can be adapted to your way of doing business instead of requiring that you modify your business practices.

The appx BANG! Business Application suite consists of a dozen application modules, all designed to be readily customized while maintaining a consistent user interface and structure. It is the APPX Advantage that really makes a difference - being able to efficiently create and easily maintain custom solutions to preserve the perfect fit between system and user.

Here are some key features of "appx BANG":
System Control

APPX System Control is a starting point for users and a general reference repository for designers.

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable by APPX brings order to cash flow management, providing the information and flexibility to control individual expenditures.

Accounts Receivable

Understanding all aspects of your outstanding receivables, and analyzing individual and overall performance are the major components of cash flow management. Accounts Receivable by APPX makes this possible.

Budget Analysis

Budget Analysis by APPX provides the powerful budget-creation, manipulation and reporting capabilities you require.

Commission Accounting

The APPX Commission Accounting application collects, maintains and processes commission data. It generates historical analyses of both commissions and salesperson performance.

Fixed Assets

Fixed Assets by APPX provides for the maintenance and reporting of asset depreciation and contract amortization. The application is designed to calculate and print depreciation schedules and reports based on data entered through file maintenance programs.

General Ledger

Detailed, organized data is the basis for evaluating past performance, discovering potential problems, and developing stategic plans. General Ledger by APPX provides the flexible access to relevant, current data required for effective and meaningful action.

General Subsidiary

Operating a business demands precise attention to detail. The challenge is balancing the need for detailed data with demands for simple, streamlined information systems and then remaining responsive to change. General Subsidiary by APPX can help.

Inventory Control

Ultimate profitability depends on fast and effective inventory management. Inventory Control by APPX is an integrated, productive approach to this complex activity.

Order Entry

Order Entry by APPX can be a strategic tool in providing high quality client support. It affords immediate access to customer, inventory and order data - with the individualized processing capabilities and customer communications to satisfy any level of demand.


Precision in payroll is vital. The way business works - with complex employment contracts, union and minority requirements, 401K plans and fringe benefits - accuracy-on-demand is a necessity.

Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders manages requests for quotes, purchase orders, debit and credit memos, product receipts and related invoices. The application's reports and inquiries analyze purchase and pricing history, and the status of pending orders.

Sales Analysis

Ready access to information, product profitability, customer activity, individual and regional performance, and lost sales volume can mean everything to a company. Sales Analysis by APPX puts this level of critical knowledge at your fingertips.


The APPX installation process is quite straightforward. Follow these instructions carefully, and your success is guaranteed.

Step 1 - Verify File Locations

In order for the installation process to go smoothly, please make sure that the following conditions are all true:
The APPX License Key is in directory /tmp, as /tmp/appx-registration.txt
You have downloaded the APPX Utility ( and have it available to launch from a GUI desktop.
You have downloaded the APPX Business Applications install file ( and have it available to launch from a GUI desktop.

Step 2 - Install the APPX Utility

Make sure you are logged in as "root". Install the APPX Utility by executing the APPX Utility file that you have previously downloaded:

sh ./

Step 3 - Activate your APPX Installation

After installing the software:
APPX will prompt you for the identity of the Linux user who is to be the APPX System Administrator. The APPX System Administrator does not need to have root user privileges.
APPX will next install the license key that you saved as /tmp/appx-registration.txt. If APPX is unable to find the license key in the /tmp directory, APPX will prompt you to identify the pathname where the license key can be found. There is also an option to allow keyboard entry of the license key information.
When APPX has completed the activation, you will be presented with an "Installation Completed" dialog box as shown in the figure below. You should acknowledge this by clicking on the Continue button. APPX will then terminate.

Step 4 - Install the APPX Business Applications

With APPX activated, we proceed to installing the applications. Still logged in as "root", execute the appx-BANG! Business Applications file that you previously downloaded:

sh ./AppxBANG-2.001-

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are installing the appx-BANG! Business Applications into an existing APPX installation, where you have not just installed the APPX Utility as instructed above, it is critical that there is an APPX user set up in both your operating system and in your APPX users file. Use operating system user ID 'appx' and set up the corresponding user within APPX as user APX, as an APPX System Administrator. The software will not work properly otherwise. Also, when specifying the path for installation, be sure it is the same location in which the APPX Utility is installed.

Step 5 - Install the APPX Desktop Client

You may be able to bypass this step. If you will be running a stand-alone single-user Linux system, the APPX Desktop Client has already been installed as part of the APPX Utility installation. If, however, you are setting up a client-server system, or will be accessing the APPX applications as data from a remote desktop (Linux, Windows, or MacIntosh), then you must run the following web install on each desktop.

Note: In order for the APPX server product to communicate with your desktop client(s) to allow login and operation, the APPX daemon must be running on the server. To start the daemon, run the following script on your Linux server:

Step 6 - Install Adobe Acrobat Reader

If you already have Acrobat Reader installed, or if you are running a Linux desktop with an equivalent product, you can bypass this step. Otherwise, follow Adobe's instructions for installing Acrobat Reader.

That completes the installation process.

What's New in This Release:
This release fixes a variety of bugs, and does not include any enhancements.

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