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Gettext PO syntax highlighting for Vim 20060127

GPL (GNU General Public License)
systuner 0.1
systuner is a (very) simple tool to unset Distribution-Defaults and tweak a server installation of FreeBSD by simple answer some y/n
BSD License
Env::C 0.06
Env::C is a Get/Set/Unset Environment Variables on the C level. SYNOPSIS use Env::C; my $key = "USER"; $val = Env::
Perl Artistic License
sverb 0.90
sverb is a simple order 15 CFDN reverb. It was created under GNU/Linux
Public Domain
nautilus-open-terminal 0.7

GPL (GNU General Public License)
YasSS is a command line C++ program that solves given Sudokus. The actual work is done in a class the encapsulates all the functio
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Websuite 1.0.0
Websuite is a suite of simple CGI programs written in C, designed for speed, high availability, and support of name-based virtual hos
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Debian services control panel 0.1
This program is a small and simple tool that manages the available "services" in a Debian (or Debian-based)1 box. We define "servi
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Access Modifier Eclipse Plug-in 1.2.6
Access Modifier Eclipse Plug-in allows the user to change the visibility (public, protected, default, private) and other modifiers (f
LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
transset-df 5
transset-df is a patched version of xorg's transset
Freely Distributable