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Test::Unit::GTestRunner 0.04
Test::Unit::GTestRunner is a Unit testing framework helper class SYNOPSIS use Test::Unit::GTestRunner; Test::Unit::GTestRu
Perl Artistic License
Units of measurement for Ada 2.1
Units of measurement for Ada library provides an implementation of dimensioned values for Ada
dimnum 1.16
dimnum is a C++ template library for dimensional numbers. The dimnum C++ library provides templated classes for storage of dimensi
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Unit Circle 1.0.1
Unit Circle project shows the relationship between trigonometric and angles functions like sine and cosine
GPL (GNU General Public License)
GUnit 0.5.2
GUnit is a C unit test framework in the spirit of JUnit and XUnit
LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
oaklib 1.0.2
oaklib is a collection of many useful C++ libraries
BSD License
Shell::Base 0.05
Shell::Base is a generic class to build line-oriented command interpreters. SYNOPSIS package My::Shell; use Shell::Base;
Perl Artistic License
PhpBase 0.01 Alpha
PhpBase is a set of Open Source PHP classes and functions aimed to help developers submitting their data to Google Base. The main
LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
MP3::Find::Base 0.06

Perl Artistic License
C++ base 1.0
C++ base is a base class suite contains several powerful c++ base classes for basic encapsulation of low level operating system calls
GPL (GNU General Public License)