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License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 0K
Developer: Alexsey Cherepanov
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centericq-expl can extract some info from Centericq profile-files (history, contact list).

Some switches, simple templates for output, maybe something more in future.


-u - target contact UIN
-d - centericq files directory(default ~/.centericq)
-n - owner nick, default "me"(as centericq don't store it)
-f - output format
[text]< log >msgformat< /log >[text]
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ - mandatory
msgformat - random combination of text
and format tokens
format tokens:
#nl# - new line, x0A
#lf# - line feed, x0C
#time# - message timestamp
#nick# - message sender
#body# - message body
-t - time format in date() spec, default "h:i:s A"
-o - redirect output to file
-l - list contacts

History file format:

f 0C
n 0A
dir IN|OUT
n 0A
n 0A
recvtime unix date
n 0A
senttime unix date
n 0A

n 0A


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