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GTK Berlin clock 0.1
GTK Berlin clock is a small, nice base5 clock. The GTK Berlin Clock displays the time in an unusual way (in base5)
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Fuzzy Clock 0.3

GPL (GNU General Public License)
Chess Clock 0.1

GPL (GNU General Public License)
Simple Alarm Clock 0.5
Simple Alarm Clock is a simple alarm clock SuperKaramba theme
XCclock 1.0
XCclock is a small application which offers a nice clock and an alarm function. Simply push the right mouse button above the clock
GPL (GNU General Public License)
GNOME Lunar Clock Applet 0.32.4

GPL (GNU General Public License)
Beat Clock 1.0
Beat Clock is a simple internet Beat Clock. Internet time or Beat time is a system developed by Swatch (the watch company) where y
Other/Proprietary License
tlhaq 1.1
tlhaq, The Klingon clock is a neat desktop utility designed to let you see the local time displayed in Klingon. Klingon Clock is n
binary-clock 0.5
A fully portable tiny app outputting the current time to STDOUT, in a format similar to that of the binary LED-clock available from T
GPL (GNU General Public License)
dclock 2.1
dclock is a digital LED-style desktop clock. dclock is an X11 desktop clock with a realistic LED-style display of the current time
Freely Distributable