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Code::Perl 0.03
Code::Perl is a Perl module to produce Perl code from a tree. SYNOPSIS use Code::Perl::Expr qw( :easy ); my $c = derefh(
Perl Artistic License
Code Browser 1.0 (ZoomEdit)
Code Browser is a Folding Text Editor. ZoomEdit is an experimental, alternative version of Code Browser
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Pretty Code Web 1.00

Free for non-commercial use
Kbi 0.2
Kbi is a small aplication to organize source code into a database
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Snippeq 0.0.1
Many programmers often write small test code or example code for themselves or for helping others, these small code pieces are named
GPL (GNU General Public License)
GIPSpin 0.1.4
GIPSpin is a graphical interface programming system which allows code to be visualized and which can generate threaded code. The u
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Flate library 1.4.3
Flate library is a template library used to deal with html code in CGI applications
GPL (GNU General Public License)
phpCAMALEO 0.0.2

MIT/X Consortium License
Convert::GeekCode 0.51
Convert::GeekCode is a Perl module that can convert and generate geek code sequences. SYNOPSIS use Convert::GeekCode; # exp
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Scriptorium 1.6
Scriptorium is a web-based code library
GPL (GNU General Public License)