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This project aims to create a toolbox for C/C++ development

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Eduardo Aguiar
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This project aims to create a toolbox for C/C++ development. Among them, we intend to deploy a lint, a code beautifier, some refactoring tools, and any other that may shrink a month long task into a key hit.

Cpptools is a set of tools for C/C++ development. It tries to simplify many common development tasks. It is intended to support code generation, code analysis, code refactoring and system documentation.

Here are some key features of "cpptools":
Cpptools is coded almost exclusively in Python. It is platform independent, running on any platform that supports Python.
It uses Graphviz to render vectorial diagrams.

CppClassHierarchy parses source files and generates class hierarchy diagrams, showing inheritance relationships and some cases of template instantiations.


CppClassHierarchy.py [-f format] [-o output] [sourcefiles ...]

-f Specifies output format. There are two valid formats: xml and dot). Default = dot.
-o Sets output filename. If -o is omitted, information will be sent to standard output.

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