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KPowersave Icon Patch 0.1
KPowersave Icon Patch is intended for KPowersave 0.6.2 This patch changes the way of displaying power state for KPowersave
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Xfdiff 4.5.0
Xfdiff project is graphic interface to the GNU diff and patch commands
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Gringotts-Shlomif Patch 0.4.3
Gringotts-Shlomif Patch is a patch for the Gringotts encrypted note manager for Linux, by Germano Rizzo
GPL (GNU General Public License)
patch 2.5.4
patch takes a patch file containing a difference listing produced by the diff program and applies those differences to one or more or
GPL (GNU General Public License)
OpenSSH SecurID patch 1.3.2
OpenSSH SecurID is a patch that integrates SecurID authentication services directly into the OpenSSH daemon
BSD License
Patch Maker 3.0
Patch Maker helps you manage multiple in-progress source code patches to software
GPL (GNU General Public License)
OpenSSH Heartbeat/Watchdog Patch 4.4p1
OpenSSH Heartbeat/Watchdog Patch adds a heartbeat (keepalive) function to ssh(1)
BSD License
diskio patch 2.4.27-1
diskio patch is a kernel patch. The 2.4.X kernel doesn't report disk IO in /proc/stat for any devices over either major 16 or mino
GPL (GNU General Public License)
cdrtools DVD Extensions 2.01.01a05
cdrtools DVD Extensions adds DVD support to cdrtools. OSS DVD extensions for cdrtools 2.0 is a opensource extension to add DVD suppo
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Test::Smoke::Patcher 1.19
Test::Smoke::Patcher is a OO interface to help patching the source-tree. SYNOPSIS use Test::Smoke::Patcher; my $patc
Perl Artistic License