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Current 1.7.6
Current project is an open source implementation of a server to interact with the Up2date Agent shipped in Red Hat Linux. Everythi
GPL (GNU General Public License)
peekvc 0.1
peekvc project dumps the the current state of a Linux virtual console to the current terminal. With colors and everything
GPL (GNU General Public License)
wmSMPmon 3.1

GPL (GNU General Public License)
NowListening 1.0
NowListening is just a simple NowListening script for Kopete. Usage: Simply run the script
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Bookmark 1.21
Bookmark script saves the postion in the current file and playlist every 10 seconds and resumes at this position when it is restarted
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Pywmhdmon 0.1.3
Pywmhdmon monitors the available space on up to four of your filesystems
GPL (GNU General Public License)
getAbsPath 1.4
getAbsPath is a C header (getAbsPath.h) or an ANSI C tool (getAbsPath) which converts relative unix/win32 pathes to absolute ones.
Public Domain
QuickMark 0.1
QuickMark is an Amarok script that allows you to set and recall Amarok's current file and position from the context menu. In
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Data::Faker::DateTime 0.07
Data::Faker::DateTime is a Data::Faker plugin. DATA PROVIDERS unixtime Return a unix time (seconds since the epoch) for a ra
Perl Artistic License
amaroK Now-Webing 0.2
amaroK Now-Webing starts a webserver at an configurable port (Standard is 8080) which display the current song and artist. Works g
GPL (GNU General Public License)