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3dFB 0.6.1
3dFB is a 3d File Manager / Browser
GPL (GNU General Public License)
No Friction 0.1
No Friction is a roll-a-ball-and-collect-the-dots puzzle game. In this simple puzzle game, you control a rolling ball that has to
GPL (GNU General Public License)
GtkPBButtons 0.6.9
GtkPBButtons is client for pbbuttonsd displays small popup windows each time a message from the daemon pbbuttonsd appeares
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Kamikaze 0.2.2
Kamikaze project is a bomberman-style action game for KDE
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Tux, of Math Command 2001.09.07-0102
Tux, of Math Command project is a math practice game for elementary school level children. Like so many other Linux games, it star
GPL (GNU General Public License)
KAdventure 0.2.1
KAdventure is a nice and simple adventure game providing fun and challenging puzzles
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Illustrix Dream Pack 1.0
Absolutist introduces the new genre mix! This game takes the best of logic and action - arcade-style gameplay is combined here with t
Message Level Authentication 0.4.5
Message Level Authentication is a Thunderbird extension which authenticates mail from Message Level Network Users. Joining the Mes
MPL (Mozilla Public License)
IsForth 1.21b
IsForth is a direct threaded Linux-only x86 Forth implementation coded in pure assembly using NASM macros to create forth high-level
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Level Shmup 1.0
Level Shmup is a frantic addictive shoot-em-up. Level Shmup is an old-school arcade style shoot-em-up game in the style of classic