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Data::Page 2.00
Data::Page is a Perl module that helps when paging through sets of results. SYNOPSIS use Data::Page; my $page = Data::Pa
Perl Artistic License
Template::Plugin::Pagination 0.90
Template::Plugin::Pagination is a plugin to help paginate pages of results. SYNOPSIS [% USE page = Pagination(items, current_
Perl Artistic License
Template::Plugin::Page 0.10
Template::Plugin::Page is a plugin to help when paging through sets of results. SYNOPSIS [% USE page = Page($total_entries, $
Perl Artistic License
Data::Page::Viewport 1.02
Data::Page::Viewport is a Perl module to scroll thru data a page, or just an item, at a time. Synopsis This is a complete, test
Perl Artistic License
Page Curl 0.5

Perl Artistic License
Google PageRank Check 1.0.1
This is a project I based off some Public Domain code
Public Domain
WWW::Patent::Page::Response 0.07
WWW::Patent::Page::Response is an object holding a patent page or document (e.g
Perl Artistic License
phpBB Fetch All 2.0.15
phpBB Fetch All is a modification to phpBB that displays data from the forum on any page of a website
GPL (GNU General Public License)
xmltv2html 0.7.0
xmltv2html project is a Ruby script that generates a HTML page from the output of XMLTV. The generated HTML page will have the cha
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Web Secretary 1.9.0
Web Secretary is a web page monitoring software
GPL (GNU General Public License)