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Class::Date 1.1.9
Class::Date is a perl module, which provides a simple date type for perl. You can create new Class::Date objects with a constructo
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Date::Convert::French_Rev 0.05

Perl Artistic License
Date::Hijri 0.02

Perl Artistic License
Date Calculator 7.3.0
Date Calculator is a date calculator application written in pyqt
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Tk::Date 0.42
Tk::Date is a date/time widget for perl/Tk. SYNOPSIS use Tk::Date; $date_widget = $top->Date->pack; $date_widget-
Perl Artistic License
Date::Pcalc 1.2

GPL (GNU General Public License)
exifDate 0.4
exifDate is a service menu that let's you change modification date of jpeg images with the date from exif informations. So yo
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Date::Manip 5.44
Date::Manip is a date manipulation routines. SYNOPSIS use Date::Manip; $version = DateManipVersion; $date = ParseDate(
Perl Artistic License
Fast Date Picker 0.02
Fast Date Picker project is a calendar which is easy to integrate into pages that require the users to select a date like on travel s
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Tomboy Reminder Plugin 0.9

The Apache License