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Unicode Description Utilities 2.22
Unicode Description Utilities project is a set of four programs for finding out what is in a Unicode file
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Tk::XML::WizardMaker 0.91
Tk::XML::WizardMaker is an easy way to build the Software Assistants and Installation Wizards based on XML description. SYNOPSIS
Perl Artistic License
IA-32 Instructions Database 0.0.1
IA-32 Instructions Database is a description of all IA-32 instructions in the form of SQL source, specifying operands, arguments, pre
Freely Distributable
NDS KFile plugin 0.1

GPL (GNU General Public License)
Riley 0.5
Riley is a file integrity checker written in Perl,somewhat similar to Tripwire. Running 'riley -initialize' puts a file called '.r
GPL (GNU General Public License)
MP3::Splitter 0.03
MP3::Splitter is a Perl extension for splitting MP3 files. SYNOPSIS use MP3::Splitter; mp3split('xx.mp3', {verbose => 1},
Perl Artistic License 2.77p is a small tool written in Perl, used to convert between PS, EPS, and PDF and other page description formats. a2ping is
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Geometry Description Markup Language 2.7.0
Geometry Description Markup Language (GDML) workpackage is primarly ment to provide geometry data exchange format for the LCG applica
GPL (GNU General Public License)
MP3::ID3Lib 0.12
MP3::ID3Lib is a Perl module for ID3v1/ID3v2 Tagging of MP3 files. SYNOPSIS use MP3::ID3Lib; my $id3 = MP3::ID3Lib->new($f
Perl Artistic License
JSyntaxColor 1.2.9
JSyntaxColor is a library for coloring in real time user text input