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DictEm is an extremely customizable DICT client for (X)Emacs

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 0K
Developer: Aleksey Cheusov
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DictEm is an extremely customizable DICT client for (X)Emacs. DictEm implements all functions of the client part of the DICT protocol (RFC-2229).

Unlike dictionary.el, it widely uses autocompletion that is used for selecting a dictionary and search strategy. It provides several hooks that may be used for buffer postprocessing.

Built-in hyperlinking and a highlighting mechanism are based on this ability. It supports the mechanism of virtual dictionaries that can be used for grouping dictionaries from different DICT servers into the client-side virtual dictionary.

What's New in This Release:
- dictem-server variable can be equal to nil, in this case 'dict' command line tool will be called without -h option, i.e. default _list of servers_ specified in .dictrc (or dict.conf) will be used.
dict:///dictionary_name (in dictem-user-databases-alist) also means that default server list will be used, see Ex.4 for the sample of use.
dictem-server variable now defaults to nil, old value was "dict.org". dictem-strategy-alist and dictem-database-alist also defaults to nil.

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