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Dynamic MP3 Lister

Free for non-commercial use
Dynamic Copyright It! 1.0
Dynamic Copyright it! is an easy-to-install, easy-to-use PHP script that adds copyright notices to your images dynamically, meaning t
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Dynamic Range Extender 1.00
Dynamic Range Extender plugin takes two images and creates one composite image, which supposedly has increased dynamic range. With
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Dynamic Image Resize Wizard 1.0
Dynamic Image Resize Wizard is a free PHP script that enables your visitors to re-size their images quickly, efficiently and on-the-f
Dynamic Probe Class Library 3.4.3
Dynamic Probe Class Library (DPCL) is an object-based C++ class library that provides the necessary infrastructure to allow tool deve
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Jscroll 1.0.2
JScroll is a swing component for Java that provides a virtual desktop pane. It provides a virtual desktop replete with dynamic scr
GPL (GNU General Public License)
tinydyndns 0.4.2
tinydyndns is a simple but powerful dynamic DNS solution that uses djbdns
BSD License
AOLserver 4.5.0

GPL (GNU General Public License)
Spam Blacklist Checker 2005-03-02
Spam Blacklist Checker can check to see if an IP address is flagged in a spam blacklist (dnsbl.sorbs.net). The reason is that BT a
GPL (GNU General Public License)
HTML::Seamstress 4.26
HTML::Seamstress is a HTML::Tree subclass for HTML templating via tree rewriting. SYNOPSIS HTML::Seamstress provides "fourth ge
Perl Artistic License