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Gidic 0.1 Alpha1
Gidic is a simple offline English-Indonesian and Indonesian-English dictionary application. This will help people to search words
GPL (GNU General Public License)
British English Dictionary 1.19 for Firefox

MPL (Mozilla Public License)
Engrusdict 0.1
Engrusdict X11-based English-to-Russian and Russian-English dictionary. Engrusdict stands for English - Russian dictionary (approx
GPL (GNU General Public License)
NK Recnik 0.91
NK Recnik is English-Serbian and Serbian-English dictionary
GPL (GNU General Public License)
United States English Dictionary for Thunderbird
United States English Dictionary is an en-US spellchecking extension for Thunderbird. This extension packages a subset of the orig
MPL (Mozilla Public License)
Diqt 1.1.3
Diqt is a Web-based multilingual dictionary reference tool
GPL (GNU General Public License)
reciteword 0.8.3
reciteword project is an education software to help people study English. reciteword is education software developed using GTK 2 t
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Convert::Braille::English 0.05

Perl Artistic License
pytimeago r11
pytimeago is a human-oriented representation of time deltas, a Python library. First, I shall define what time delta is
LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
jbofihe 0.38
jbofihe is a project that parses Lojban text and provides rough English translation. jbofihe (or more correctly jbofi'e) is a pars
GPL (GNU General Public License)