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Convert::yEnc::Entry 1.02

Perl Artistic License
Data::ICal::Entry::Alarm::Audio 0.07
Data::ICal::Entry::Alarm::Audio represents an audio alarm in an iCalendar file. SYNOPSIS my $valarm = Data::ICal::Entry::Al
GPL (GNU General Public License)
RPM::Util::Files 0.10

GPL (GNU General Public License)
DCSquares 2.0.1
DCSquares is an addictive, fast-paced game for Linux. Using your mouse or analog stick, move your player around to collect points an
pmacct-fe 0.1.2
pmacct-fe is a frontend tool for presenting network statistics in tables and plots
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Entry-Cleaner 0.1
Entry-Cleaner is as small utility for Linux which delete text in text input fields with a simple key press using the "Windows-Key".
GPL (GNU General Public License)
LJ::Simple 0.15
LJ::Simple is a Perl module to provide a simple OOP-based API for accessing the LiveJournal system. Here are some key features of
BSD License
OglExt 1.2.2
OglExt is a free OpenGL extension library, enabling the easy access of all functionality up to OpenGL version 2.0 as well as API func
LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
The Sheep Killer 1.1
The Sheep Killer is a cross-platform 3d game where you control a Viking and must kill sheeps! Each sheep gives you five points
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Trackballs 1.1.2

GPL (GNU General Public License)