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libgpg-error 1.4
libgpg-error package contains common error codes and error handling functions used by GnuPG, Libgcrypt, GPGME and more packages. I
GPL (GNU General Public License)
CK-ERP 0.21.1

GPL (GNU General Public License)
Convert::Wiki 0.05
Convert::Wiki is a Perl module that can convert HTML/POD/txt from/to Wiki code. SYNOPSIS use Convert::Wiki;
Perl Artistic License
mod_log50x 1.0
mod_log50x Apache module logs error 500 - 509 to logfiles
The Apache License
Websuite 1.0.0
Websuite is a suite of simple CGI programs written in C, designed for speed, high availability, and support of name-based virtual hos
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Auto-recompile 1.1
Auto-recompile is a small emacs add-on that allows you to fix compilation errors faster
GPL (GNU General Public License)
errhdl 0.3
errhdl is a small C library that offers error handling methods similar to the exception handling in C++. In the event of errors, n
BSD License
mod_ssl_error 1.0.2

The Apache License
Getopt::Plus 0.98
Getopt::Plus is a Perl module with options wrapper with standard options, help system and more. FILE_SIZE_HUMAN Map from file s
Perl Artistic License
Pipeline::Config 0.05
SYNOPSIS use Error qw( :try ); use Pipeline::Config; my $config = Pipeline::Config->new(); try { my $pipe =
Perl Artistic License