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BBDB::Export 0.012
BBDB::Export is a Perl module to export data from The Insidious Big Brother Database. SYNOPSIS use BBDB::Export; # expor
Perl Artistic License
EMS Data Export 2005 for PostgreSQL

Plotmeister 0.1
Plotmeister project is the swiss army knife for data exploration. Plotmeister contains of backend tools to transform your ASCII da
GPL (GNU General Public License)
PlotDrop 0.51
PlotDrop is designed for quick simple visualisation of 2D data series
GPL (GNU General Public License)
MP3::M3U::Parser 2.20
MP3::M3U::Parser is a MP3 playlist parser. SYNOPSIS use MP3::M3U::Parser; my $parser = MP3::M3U::Parser->new(%options);
Perl Artistic License
Java SQL Admin Tool 2.4.0
Admin is entirely written in Java
LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
JDatabaseImport 0.1
JDatabaseImport is a simple tool created to import data between different databases. How does it work? You can work with it in
The Apache License 2.0
GENE Graph Export Engine 0.3
GENE Graph Export Engine is an advanced XML exporter. GENE Graph Export Engine is a complex convertor/framework for multi-namespac
MPL (Mozilla Public License)
endnote 0.4.0
endnote extension exports browser page to Endnote www.endnote.com from Thomson or compatible RIS citation management tool. Collect
MPL (Mozilla Public License)
KOrganizer 3.4.2
Organizer is the calendar and scheduling application of the popular K Desktop Environment
GPL (GNU General Public License)