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mtftar 1.5
mtftar is a filter to translate MTF and BKF backup streams from NT operating system, to the TAR archves used by the rest of the world
GPL (GNU General Public License)
libqsearch 0.8
libqsearch is a C library aimed to search for set of patterns in buffers as fast as possible
GPL (GNU General Public License)
libASSA 3.4.2
libASSA is an OO C++ UNIX networking library based on some of the design patterns such as Configurator, Reactor, Acceptor, and Connec
GPL (GNU General Public License)
gmorgan 0.24
gmorgan is a rhythm station, a modern organ with full editable accompaniment for play in real time emulating the capabilities of comm
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Ghost Diagrams 0.8
Ghost Diagrams is a project that takes sets of tiles and tries to find patterns into which they may be formed
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Worm Warner 2.3
WormWarner is a tool designed to warn hosts that are probably infected by worms
GPL (GNU General Public License)
XML::PatAct::ToObjects 0.08
XML::PatAct::ToObjects is an action module for creating Perl objects. SYNOPSIS use XML::PatAct::ToObjects; my $patterns =
Perl Artistic License
FBReader 0.7.4q
FBReader is e-book reader for Linux computer
GPL (GNU General Public License)
grepcidr 1.3
grepcidr can filter IP addresses matching IPv4 CIDR/network specification. grepcidr can be used to filter a list of IP addresses a
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Diffraction 0.5
Diffraction plug-in creates diffraction patterns. It uses the algorithms which David Bleecker very kindly mailed to me
GPL (GNU General Public License)