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The Frink Language 2006-10-17
Frink is a practical calculating tool and programming language designed to help us all to better understand the world around us, to h
Apache::Language 0.14
Apache::Language is a Perl transparent language support for Apache modules and mod_perl scripts. SYNOPSIS In
Perl Artistic License
Short Markup Language 0.1
Short Markup Language is an alternative XML notation that is a character by character equivalent with XML. Short Markup Language cov
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Simple Machine Language interpreter
SML is a "toy" machine language intended to teach basic processor concepts
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Arena Scripting Language 0.9.9
Arena Scripting Language is a light-weight scripting language
BSD License
X Language 0.7.1
X Language is a new multi-syntax programming including a portable set of APIs to create console or graphical applications runnable on
GPL (GNU General Public License)
RPilot 1.4.2
RPilot project is an interpreter for the IEEE-standard language PILOT. RPilot is an interpreter for the IEEE-standard programming
GPL (GNU General Public License)
bc 1.06
bc is an arbitrary precision numeric processing language
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Language::Basic::Expression 1.44
Language::Basic::Expression is a Perl package to handle string, numeric, and boolean expressions. SYNOPSIS See Language::Basic
Perl Artistic License
Mozilla Afrikaans Language Pack

MPL (Mozilla Public License)