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Better String Library 07222006
Better String Library is an abstraction of a string data type which is superior to the C library char buffer string type and C++'
BSD License
web.template 0.9.1 RC2

LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
Math::String::Charset 1.27
Math::String::Charset is a simple charset for Math::String objects. SYNOPSIS use Math::String::Charset; $a = new Mat
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Levenshtein 0.10.1

GPL (GNU General Public License)
Math::XOR 0.02
Math::XOR is a package to handle XOR encryption of string buffers. SYNOPSIS use XOR; print xor_buf("hello", "w
Perl Artistic License
Convert::UU 0.52
Convert::UU is a Perl module for uuencode and uudecode. SYNOPSIS use Convert::UU qw(uudecode uuencode); $encoded_string =
Perl Artistic License
Regular Statement String 2.5.3a
Regular Statement String (RSS) provides several libraries in C, Java, and COM to implement and demonstrate the key-value development
my_string 1.1
my_string is an easy-to-use, fast string manipulation library
GPL (GNU General Public License)
File::Stat::ModeString 1.00
File::Stat::ModeString - conversion file stat mode to/from string representation. SYNOPSIS use File::Stat::ModeString; $st
Perl Artistic License
VSTRING 20050428
VSTRING library provides vast set of string manipulation features including dynamic string object that can be freely exchanged with s
GPL (GNU General Public License)