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Guikachu is a resource editor for PalmOSTM systems

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 1341K
Developer: ?RDI Gerg?
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Guikachu is a resource editor for PalmOSTM systems. Guikachu project allows you to visually create dialog boxes, menu bars and windows for your Palm application in the GNOME desktop environment.

If you are familiar with PalmOS development, you may have encountered one of the numerous resource editors running in the Windows or MacOS operating environments, and wished for a UNIX application that does the same, because it is your operating system of choice. Or maybe you've always created RCP files by hand and wondered if there's an easier and faster way.

Guikachu is a PalmOS resource editor that runs in the UNIX environment, using the GNOME desktop framework. At the time of writing this manual, Guikachu is the only PalmOS resource editor application for UNIX systems. If you've used Glade, a user interface editor for GNOME, the interface of Guikachu will look familiar.

Unlike most of the applications available for Windows and MacOS, Guikachu is Free Software as defined by the terms of the GPL. You are not only allowed, but encouraged to look at the source code, give it away to your peers, friends and colleagues and modify it to your liking, as long as you grant these same rights to everyone else. See the GNU GPL for the specific license terms.

Here are some key features of "Guikachu":
GNOME-based user interface
LibXML-based I/O
Exporting and importing to/from PilRC .rcp files
Included XSLT stylesheet and shell script to generate RCP files offline
Supported resources:
String list
Special Blob resource, for storing arbitary RCP fragments
Per-application resources (e.g. vendor ID)
WYSIWYG form editor, with native font rendering and cut & paste

What's New in This Release:
The Windows port was updated (including an icon for executables).
Menu editor bugs were fixed.
GCC 4.1 compatibility was fixed.

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