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Java Development Environment for Emacs 2.3.5
Java Development Environment for Emacs (JDEE) is an Emacs-based integrated development environment (IDE) for developing Java applicat
GPL (GNU General Public License)
NativeCall 0.4.1
NativeCall is a Java toolkit that lets you call operating system methods from whithin Java without JNI code. The current version 0
MIT/X Consortium License
CodeSugar Eclipse Plugin 1.3.0

Freely Distributable
FaceRSS 0.1
FaceRSS is a simple JavaServer Faces (JSF) component that allows you to display news from specified RSS url source in one configurabl
Other/Proprietary License with Source
Smart Common Input Method platform 1.4.5

GPL (GNU General Public License)
JMP 0.51
JMP is a profiler for java that can be used to trace objects usage and method timings
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Thin File Putter 2.00 Beta
Thin File Putter is a PUT method file uploader
Other/Proprietary License with Free Trial
Imager 0.54
Imager script is a Perl extension for generating 24-bit images. Requirements: Perl What's New in This Release: a new qtyp
Perl Artistic License
UIM Isn't Mock-up 1.0.0
Uim is a multilingual input method library. Uim's project goal is to provide secure and useful input method for all languages. Here are some key features of "UIM Isn t Mock up": Portable Uim works in many environments. Uim supports of course general desktop system such as GNOME or KDE, but also supports Linux Zaurus, Mac OS X. Just a library Many input method frameworks such as XIM is implemented as a client/server system. But uim is a library, not a client/server system. Most of users don't need input method system at all or need simple table based input method system. Such users wouldn't install complex input method system, so we want keep our input method simple. Now uim may not be simple so much, but we have a will to make uim as simple as we can. Applications that can be used with UIM: All X applications. (You can use them with uim-xim.) Gtk+ applications such as gedit. There are two way to use uim. Through uim gtk-immodule directly, or through xim immodule. We recommend using uim through gtk immodule directly. All qt applications. There are two way to use uim. Through XIM or qt-immodule. If you want to uim with qt-immodule, you will need a patch now. All console applications. (You can use them with uim-fep.) What's New in This Release: A bridge for Emacs (uim.el), a Hangul input suite (byeoru), and yet another Japanese input method (mana) were added. Many bugfixes were made.
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Net::Daemon::SSL 1.0
Net::Daemon::SSL is a SSL extension for Net::Daemon. SYNOPSIS use Net::Daemon::SSL; package MyDaemon; @MyDaemon::ISA = qw
Perl Artistic License