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Gettext PO syntax highlighting for Vim 20060127

GPL (GNU General Public License)
phpWishlist 0.1.16
phpWishlist is a web-based wish list manager
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Reset Quote Header 0.4.3

MPL (Mozilla Public License)
Display mailing list header 0.3.1

MPL (Mozilla Public License)
XAO::DO::Web::MenuBuilder 1.07

Perl Artistic License
whatsnewfm 0.6.5
whatsnewfm is a filter for the daily newsletter from freshmeat.net that only shows "new" or "interesting" items. The main purpose
GPL (GNU General Public License)
mod_sesehe SEcure SErver HEader 1.0
mod_sesehe SEcure SErver HEader is an Apache module that disguise or remove "Server: " HTTP header. The ServerTokens directive curre
The Apache License 2.0
Audio::TagLib::MPEG::Header 1.42
Audio::TagLib::MPEG::Header is an implementation of MP3 frame headers. SYNOPSIS use Audio::TagLib::MPEG::Header; my $i
Perl Artistic License
KD Gantt 1.1.0
KD�Gantt is Klar�lvdalens Datakonsult AB's package for creating Gantt charts in Qt applications
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Project Summary Doclet 1.01
Project Summary Doclet project is a doclet that extracts release info and links report items to SF tracker items. It creates a fla
GPL (GNU General Public License)