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MySQL High Availability clustering Alpha-0.6.5

GPL (GNU General Public License)
Linux Replicated High Availability Manager 1.2.4
The Linux Replicated High Availability Manager (aka Linuxha.net) allows the creation of clusters for application high availability th
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Linux-HA 2.0.5
Linux-HA provides a heartbeat and IP address takeover functions for a high-availability Linux cluster. The basic goal of the High
LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
HA-Tools 1.12
HA-Tools provide some programs to improve shell scripting in a High Availability environment. The halockrun program provides a sim
GPL (GNU General Public License)
HA/FST 3.0.1
HA/FST is a high availability clustering tool for up to four Solaris nodes
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Websuite 1.0.0
Websuite is a suite of simple CGI programs written in C, designed for speed, high availability, and support of name-based virtual hos
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Hapm 0.6
Hapm stands for High Availability Port Monitor and is a local port status check
GPL (GNU General Public License)
lvs-kiss 1.32
lvs-kiss is a daemon which enables you to create load balanced, high availability services. lvs-kiss is designed to make loadbalan
GPL (GNU General Public License)
FreeHA 1.0
FreeHA is designed to provide a free, portable, and easy to use (compared to alternatives) program to run nodes in a high availabilit
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Prelude Manager 0.9.6
Prelude-Manager is a high-availability server which collects and normalizes information from distributed Prelude-IDS sensors and stor
GPL (GNU General Public License)