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KompctMon 1R3B

GPL (GNU General Public License)
LinesHelper 1.0
LinesHelper can remove the noise lines from faxed documents. Faxed documents often contain annoying horizontal lines due to commun
J2ME ChartComponent 1.0
J2ME ChartComponent is an MIDP 2.0 charting component with basic functionality for showing charts on embedded devices. It currentl
Freely Distributable
Gnome Screen Ruler 0.6
Gnome Screen Ruler is a customizable screen ruler for Gnome. Gnome Screen Ruler is an on-screen ruler for measuring horizontal an
GPL (GNU General Public License)
ScaleDir 01-b

GPL (GNU General Public License)
laplace balancer 0.003
The laplace balancer forms a sinus wave out of a soundcard's balance, making a horizontal sinus sound with the currently playing soun
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Mail::Thread::Chronological 1.22
Mail::Thread::Chronological can rearrange Mail::Thread::Containers into a Chronological structure. SYNOPSIS use Mail::Thread;
Perl Artistic License
Convert::Wiki::Node::Line 0.05

Perl Artistic License
Webesquema 1.0

GPL (GNU General Public License)
Xplns 3.3.1
Xplns reproduces real starry sky on your display of X Window System
Free To Use But Restricted