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GFL::Image 0.14a
GFL::Image is an OO interface to P-e Gougelet's Graphic File Library. SYNOPSIS use GFL::Image; my $im = GFL::Image-> new; $
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Prima::image-load 1.20
Prima::image-load is a Perl module using image subsystem. Simple loading Simplest case, loading a single image would look like:
Perl Artistic License
Scroll Image 2.0
Scroll Image is a software for exploring a window in a larger image. This new scrolling viewer displays a much larger image in a s
JCapture 1.0
JCapture is an automatic Webcam image grabber & image manipulator
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Resize Image 1

LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
GD::XYScale 1.2
GD::XYScale can draw a 2D X-Y scale and use it. SYNOPSIS use GD; use GD::XYScale; $image = GD::Image->new($width,$
Perl Artistic License
Image Viewer

GPL (GNU General Public License)
Save As Image 1.041

MPL (Mozilla Public License)
SGI RGB Image File Plug-In 1.1.1
SGI plug-in provides SGI image file load & save modules for The GIMP
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Image::ParseGIF 0.2
Image::ParseGIF can parse a GIF image into its compenent parts. SYNOPSIS use Image::ParseGIF; $gif = new Image::ParseGIF
Perl Artistic License