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SMM++ Mud Client 6.1.1
SMM++ Mud Client project is a client with mapping functionality and lots of other features. SMM++ Mud Client is a mud client with
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Oww Client 0.5.4
Oww Client is a graphical client program for One-Wire Weather (Oww) servers
Artistic License
GGZ Gtk+ client 0.0.13
GGZ Gtk+ client is a XChat-based GGZ core client with the ability to launch or watch online games. The Gtk+ core client of the GG
GPL (GNU General Public License) AIM Client 1.0 AIM Client is a PHP client for the AIM API for
BSD License
GNU inetutils 1.4.2

GPL (GNU General Public License)
Net::Nessus::Client 0.09
Net::Nessus::Client is a Nessus client module. SYNOPSIS # Connect to the Nessus Server require Net::Nessus::Client;
GPL (GNU General Public License)
SMB Web Client 2.9
SMB Web Client is a simple script to use Windows Networks from a web browser. To run SMB Web Client all you need is smbclient and
GPL (GNU General Public License)
ThinStation 2.2
Thinstation is a thin client Linux distribution that makes a PC a full-featured thin client supporting all major connectivity protoco
GPL (GNU General Public License)
PHP Client Sniffer 2.1.3
PHP Client Sniffer is a PHP class file that allows one to quickly determine the client's browser and system information based on the
LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
Bundle::MusicBrainz::Client 0.01
Bundle::MusicBrainz::Client is a Perl module with a bundle to install MusicBrainz::Client and required modules. SYNOPSIS perl
GPL (GNU General Public License)