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JMd5Sum 0.5
JMd5Sum is a GUI MD5/SHA digest generator. I’m used to living in a Unix world which is one where when I want to know the MD5 s
The Apache License 2.0
file2menu 1.00

GPL (GNU General Public License)
Deep Breathing 1.9
Deep Breathing is a small program program I wrote that guides a user for deep breathing
Free for non-commercial use
averRemote 0.1.1
averRemote is a python script I’ve done for amaroK that let you use your averMedia’s remote control
GPL (GNU General Public License)
kdbus 0.8.6
kdbus is a D-BUS service browser for KDE
GPL (GNU General Public License)
mugshot-amarok 1.2
mugshot-amarok is a script for Amarok to enable support for the Mugshot Music Radar. Actually, it’s just a small Python scri
GPL (GNU General Public License)
ReloadCMS 1.2.6
ReloadCMS is a free CMS written on PHP and based on flat files
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Donut DragDrop 0.1
Donut DragDrop is a fast, lightweight JavaScript dragdrop library for JavaScript programmers
MIT/X Consortium License
fNux GNU/Linux
fNux GNU/Linux is a new linux distribution project wich grabs some of the best ideas around. It’s still work in progess, the
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Komment build14
Komment is a ruby app for KDE (so, it’s using Korundum)
GPL (GNU General Public License)