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Nuxeo Runtime 1.0.1
Nuxeo Runtime is the foundation of the Nuxeo 5 infrastructure
Eclipse Public License
pittrainer 1.2

GPL (GNU General Public License)
Jasmin 1.0.0
Jasmin software distribution includes an implementation of the Script MIB according to RFC 2592 with a Java runtime engine, a selecti
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Java 2 Standard Edition Runtime Environment 6

SUN Community Source License
Test::AutoBuild::Runtime 1.2.0
Test::AutoBuild::Runtime is a Perl module with builder runtime state. SYNOPSIS use Test::AutoBuild::Runtime; my $runtime
Perl Artistic License
Nuxeo Core 1.0
Nuxeo Core is an embeddable document management core, based on Nuxeo Runtime
LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
jVisualizer 2.5

GPL (GNU General Public License)
Channel16 0.1
Channel16 is graphical tool that allows users to browse the content of deleted files in an ext2 filesystem interactively, and to reco
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Runtime Java Class Editor 1.0
RJCE allows all methods or variables of user defined classes to be altered at runtime
BSD License
Java Gui Builder 0.6.5a
The Java Gui Builder program is designed to decouple the GUI building code from the rest of the application code, without hand-writin
GPL (GNU General Public License)