kdesvn-build 1.3 review

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kdesvn-build script builds KDE from its Subversion source repository

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 45K
Developer: Michael Pyne
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kdesvn-build script builds KDE from its Subversion source repository. Well, that and a *LOT* more...

It builds qt-copy, automatically includes unsermake in the build, easily supports being run from cron, allows module-specific options such as configure flags, logs everything, and generally makes it as easy as possible to manage a bleeding edge KDE installation.

kdesvn-build by default will install things into a ~/kde directory, but it supports using your system KDE if you just want to install e.g. an application from Extragear.

It's incredibly featureful, although I've tried hard to setup sane default options so that you don't have to worry about twiddling the knobs.

Here are some key features of "kdesvn build":
Will automatically checkout and update the KDE source code from its Subversion repository.
Will download and use unsermake, an advanced build tool that can significantly decrease compile time, especially over distributed systems. It also supports progress estimates of compile progress.
kdesvn-build logs everything for easy perusal later, that way you can determine why things went wrong if a build fails. kdesvn-build automatically creates symlinks for easy access to the last log (log/latest).
color-coding of the output (which can be turned off)
Has support for qt-copy, the KDE snapshort of Trolltech's Qt library, optionally with bugfix/optimization patches applied that haven't made it into the official library.
kdesvn-build is very customizable. You can control most options down to a module-by-module basis if you so desire, including configure-flags and your C++ flags during compilation. Instead of trying to remember what configure line you used, you can set it once and forget it.
Extensive documentation, including a Wiki page. Feel free to let me know if you need something explained (e-mail address at bottom). Or you can join #kdesvn-build on irc.kde.org for help.
A detailed sample configuration file is included, usually you can just copy it to ~/.kdesvn-buildrc and be done with it.
Much more!

What's New in This Release:
Some Coverity-scanner-specific code has been factored out into a plugin (in kdesdk/scripts, don't worry).
The progress output feature works with CMake now (CMake 2.4.3 or greater)

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