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Kitty is a plain DTV and Kitty client for Linux

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 584K
Developer: KesieV
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Kitty is a plain DTV and Kitty client for Linux. DTV is the well-known Internet TV service for Apple Mac users.

Now also KDE users can watch DTV on their desktops!

First of all you need some kind of media player for KDE.

Better if it offers a KPart object (player embedded in konqueror).
I used KMPlayer, which works and rocks. But I've tried also Kaffeine that also do the job but has more problems streaming stuff.

This package (and the whole Kitty) was built on Slackware. Probably on your distro, KDE headers are elsewhere. Remember to run "configure" with the:


parameter. Or, if you don't know where your headers are, try with:

$ kde-config --prefix

So, your prefix parameter is "/opt/kde"...

./configure --prefix=/opt/kde your configure syntax.

And, the last thing is BitTorrent.

Kitty has an embedded BitTorrent front-end for downloading videos from Bittorrent sources but the original BitTorrent package is needed. Install that package and find out which is the "binary" that is the pure textual client (in the latest versions, is "bittorrent-console" but also should be "". Find out). Then put that name (eventually with full path) into the "Bittorrent" section of Kitty's preferences.

What's New in This Release:
Changed directories for videos. Now are in "my-media" !
Lotsa more bugfixes
Fixed the nasty bug that enables actions after feed selection
Stop button in the interface (thx Daniel Faust)
Now playing icon also into the KDE interface
Extension is shown near thumbnails/icons (thx Daniel Faust)
Changed icons for video/audio
Fixed bittorrent frontend for multilingual clients.

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