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Kororaa project is a way of installing Gentoo Linux easily and quickly, similar to Gentoo's "Stage3 with GRP packages" install. Wh

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Developer: Christopher Smart
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Kororaa project is a way of installing Gentoo Linux easily and quickly, similar to Gentoo's "Stage3 with GRP packages" install.

What's different?

For Kororaa we wrote an install script to go along with our install method which takes care of most of the manual configuring required under the Gentoo method;

The Kororaa build is derived from Bob P's Stage 1/3 install method;

Also, we have pre-defined a wide suite of KDE based (and now also Gnome based) applications for your use and designed the entire system specifically for these;

We have also added a large number tweaks and automations along the way to assist in the Kororaa experience.

What's the point of it?

I must state that I adore the manual Gentoo way of installing. In fact, I swore against an installer for Gentoo for a long time and this stance has not really changed. What I wanted however was a way to quickly re-produce a desktop installation for multiple machines. I also wanted a tool that I could give to friends who liked the idea of Gentoo but complained about the "compile time". I don't think that missing out on the Gentoo experience because of "compile time" is valid and so I wanted a way to introduce my friends to Gentoo without having to build their systems myself.

I cannot more strongly recommend the Gentoo install method if you are serious about learning both Gentoo and GNU/Linux in general. I owe Gentoo a lot - I played with Redhat* back in 1998 (thanks to Andrew Tridgell) but then fell into "RPM hell" and went around from distro to distro in a mad seething rage of desperation. Then I came across Gentoo 1.1 and it was love at first install.

So, if you're someone who doesn't want to wait to get a nicely configured Gentoo system, is so afraid of the standard install method that it's stopping you from trying Gentoo at all, or you're a lazy pig then this method is for you!

Note: You can use our stage3, portage snapshot and packages together with the standard Gentoo "Stage3 GRP" install if you want to try it that way too!

What else?

The Kororaa system comes pre-configured for a Pentium3. We chose Pentium3 because most people should have an SSE capable processor by now.

This means it will run on any P3 Coppermine core and later, including AMD Athlon-XP, Athlon64/Opteron, Sempron etc and Intel Pentium 4, Pentium M, Xeon etc.

Please note it will NOT work on a system without SSE support.

As of Beta2 however, we have also released an AMD64 version, which will run on any AMD 64bit cpu including Athlon64, Sempron64 and Opteron.

If you want more optimisation, you can easily re-build your system with all the current apps and configuration by changing your make.conf and rebuilding world.

Please note the system is currently BETA, a bit "hacky" and could destroy your harddrive or something even more nasty like bowed legs and a crooked smile.

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